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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jo's boyfriend tell her to save?

2. Why did Helen's first husband divorce her?

3. What was Helen's first job?

4. What important event in Jo's life has Helen forgotten?

5. What does Jo find in Peter's wallet?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jo say to make Geof almost leave the apartment?

2. Is Jo jealous of Peter Smith? Why or why not?

3. Of what kind of darkness is Jo afraid?

4. Why does Geof offer to marry Jo?

5. Does Geof think Helen was telling the truth when she told Jo her father was mentally challenged?

6. How is the way Jo treats her boyfriend reminiscent of the way Helen treats Peter?

7. Describe the dream Jo has about Helen.

8. Does Jo think she loved her boyfriend?

9. Where did Jo get her bulbs, and how is she supposed to plant them?

10. Why does Geof want to tell Helen about the baby initially?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jo and Helen are similar in many ways, though Jo would rather think she and Helen are different as night and day. In what ways is Jo like her mother? In what ways is she different? Use quotes and instances from the text to present your evidence.

Essay Topic 2

Though Helen has abandoned Jo again at the end of the play, perhaps never to return, Jo is comforted by Geof's nursery rhyme. How can she remain calm, though in labor and completely alone? What has Jo learned about love in the play from Geof? From Helen? From Peter? Do you think Jo is ready for her biracial baby in 1950s England?

Essay Topic 3

There are many symbols in the play. How does Delaney use symbolism to tell her story? Choose three symbols from the text. Examine how they are applied and what they mean to the play.

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