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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Helen and Jo hear singing outside?
(a) Carolers.
(b) Geof.
(c) The church choir.
(d) Children.

2. What does the baby physically do to Jo?
(a) The baby kicks her.
(b) The baby makes her sensitive, so she can no longer eat spicy food.
(c) The baby makes her feel sick.
(d) The baby makes her unable to stand.

3. What classical Greek figure is in the joke Peter tells Geof?
(a) Zeus.
(b) Oedipus.
(c) Euripides.
(d) Iphegenia.

4. When Geof leaves the argument, what task has he been assigned by Jo?
(a) He has been told to make tea.
(b) He has been told to call the police.
(c) He has been told to buy food.
(d) He has been told to work on the baby's gown.

5. What secret does Jo finally reveal to Geof?
(a) She is in love with Geof.
(b) She has six toes on one foot.
(c) Her father was the village idiot.
(d) She is in love with Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what have Jo and Geof just come back?

2. What is the color of the river, according to Jo?

3. What does Geof, in his parting words, say is the one thing civilization can't do anything about?

4. What does Peter ask for immediately upon entering the apartment?

5. What are some of the names Peter calls Geof?

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