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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since the move, what is the difference in travel time for Jo's trip to school?
(a) Jo is much farther away from the school, so it will take longer.
(b) Jo quit school before the move.
(c) Jo is much closer to school, she she will get there more quickly.
(d) Jo is about the same distance from the school as before.

2. What does Jo find in Peter's wallet?
(a) She finds pictures of lots of other women.
(b) She finds a note addressed to Helen.
(c) She finds his business cards.
(d) She finds one hundred dollars.

3. What does Helen need for her head?
(a) She needs a hat to match her outfit.
(b) She needs aspirin, or some sort of headache medicine.
(c) She needs a therapist to help sort out her thoughts.
(d) She needs a scarf, because she hasn't has a haircut.

4. What artistic item does Helen discover of Jo's?
(a) She discovers Jo's novel.
(b) She discovers Jo's paintings.
(c) She discovers Jo's knitting.
(d) She discovers Jo's drawings.

5. Where does Jo plan to work after Christmas?
(a) She wants to work in the factory.
(b) She wants to do social work.
(c) She wants to work in a pub.
(d) She wants to work in a resturant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Jo give when it is time for her to go?

2. What are Peter and Helen celebrating?

3. What does Jo's boyfriend put in her milk?

4. What is Helen's parenting strategy with Jo?

5. What kind of cigar is Peter smoking?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Jo rather be on the streets instead of in films?

2. Is Helen sensitive about being older than Peter?

3. How has Helen and Peter's relationship changed since they have been married?

4. Why does Geof offer to marry Jo?

5. Does Jo think she loved her boyfriend?

6. Where does Jo want to have the baby?

7. Is Jo jealous of Peter Smith? Why or why not?

8. How was Jo comforted last Christmas during Helen's absence?

9. Does Geof think Helen was telling the truth when she told Jo her father was mentally challenged?

10. What gift has Geof bought for Jo, and why is she so upset by it?

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