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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Peter carrying when he enters the flat?
(a) He is carrying his jacket and an umbrella.
(b) He is carrying a suitcase.
(c) He is carrying a dog in from outside.
(d) He is carrying chocolates and flowers.

2. What does Jo think is still in her boyfriend somewhere, despite his current life?
(a) She thinks there is still a bit of New York in him.
(b) She thinks there is still a bit of iceberg in him.
(c) She thinks there is still a bit of jungle in him.
(d) She thinks there is still a bit of tundra in him.

3. What does Peter wear on his eye(s)?
(a) He wears a black eye patch.
(b) He wears eyeglasses.
(c) He wears a mask.
(d) He wears sunglasses.

4. Why does Helen keep using a handkerchief?
(a) She is crying.
(b) She is bleeding.
(c) Her nose is running.
(d) She puts it over her eyes as she tries to sleep.

5. Why has Helen chosen this apartment?
(a) The rent is low enough for her to pay.
(b) The two rooms allow Jo to have her own apartment.
(c) The appliances are new.
(d) The neighborhood is much nicer than their old neighborhood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Regarding her drawings, Jo claims she is not only talented, but:

2. What does Jo's boyfriend do with the item she finds in his pocket?

3. How old does Jo's boyfriend think that women are born?

4. What does Peter have in his mouth?

5. What does Helen reveal about Jo's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jo attack Peter, half-laughing, half-crying?

2. Why has Peter Smith followed Helen to the new apartment?

3. According to Jo, why does she decide to sleep with her boyfriend?

4. Why doesn't Jo want her boyfriend to kiss her?

5. Does Helen feel guilty about Jo's present circumstances? Why or why not?

6. How does Geof know the drawings belong to Jo?

7. Why has Helen returned to the apartment?

8. Why does Geof offer to marry Jo?

9. What are Helen's thoughts on destiny, as she tells Jo after their conversation about the shiek?

10. Why is Jo's boyfriend concerned about meeting Helen?

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