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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jo plan to do as her condition becomes more obvious?
(a) She plans to give the baby to the downstairs neighbor.
(b) She plans to quit work so people won't stare at her.
(c) She plans to sail after her boyfriend.
(d) She plans to marry Geof.

2. Why has Geof called Helen?
(a) He has decided to marry Jo and wants Helen to be there for the proposal.
(b) He is fiercely curious about Jo's mother.
(c) He is worried about Jo, and thinks Helen has a right to know about her own grandchild.
(d) He is tired of caring for Jo and wants to pass her off onto someone else.

3. What does Geof still have to do for the evening?
(a) He has to study for his exams.
(b) He has to fix the lock on the door.
(c) He has to go to work: he is on the night shift.
(d) He has to take Jo to the doctor.

4. How does Jo think Helen feels about Peter?
(a) Jo thinks Helen has always hated Peter.
(b) Jo thinks Helen thought of Peter as her own son.
(c) Jo thinks Helen is still in love with Peter.
(d) Jo thinks Helen does not care about Peter one way or the other.

5. What animal does Jo compare to Geof?
(a) A racehorse.
(b) A watchdog.
(c) A songbird.
(d) An alley cat.

6. From what have Jo and Geof just come back?
(a) A wake.
(b) A concert.
(c) A fair.
(d) A wedding.

7. What does Jo promise to buy Geof for Christmas?
(a) She promises to buy him a car.
(b) She promises to buy him a bed.
(c) She promises to buy him dinner.
(d) She promises to buy him a dog.

8. Where did Helen used to go as a child?
(a) Stonehenge.
(b) Shining Clough.
(c) Strawberry Hill.
(d) Blarney.

9. What ancestry does Jo claim?
(a) French.
(b) Spanish.
(c) Irish.
(d) Swedish.

10. What is Geof cutting out of cloth?
(a) He is cutting the pattern for a baby's gown.
(b) He is cutting Jo a maternity shirt.
(c) He is cutting rags to clean the kitchen.
(d) He is cutting cuff holes to make himself a shirt.

11. What does Geof ask Jo?
(a) He asks her to cook him dinner.
(b) He asks her to contact Helen.
(c) He asks her to go out and get a job.
(d) He asks her to marry him.

12. How does Jo describe Geof's hands?
(a) He has warm, small hands.
(b) He has moist, soft hands.
(c) He has nice, hard hands.
(d) He has rough, raw hands.

13. What major piece of information about the baby does Jo finally share with Helen?
(a) The baby is Geof's.
(b) The baby may be premature.
(c) The baby is fake and she has been pretending.
(d) The baby may be black.

14. When Geof returns, what medicine does Jo ask him to give her?
(a) Antacids for her stomach.
(b) Muscle relaxers for her back.
(c) Headache pills.
(d) Antihistamine for her allergies.

15. What does Jo share about holding Helen's hand?
(a) Helen would always scratch Jo's hand.
(b) Helen would always pull her hand away.
(c) Helen would always squeeze her hand tightly.
(d) Helen would always have sweaty palms.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jo retort when Helen accuses her of being man mad?

2. For the first time in her life, how does Jo feel?

3. What is Geof cooking?

4. Why does Geof leave when Helen arrives?

5. What does Helen plan on sending Jo every week from now on?

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