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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Helen not go to the picture show anymore?
(a) She thinks they have become more like the theatre and its difficult to hear.
(b) She is getting older and needs glasses to see the screen.
(c) She loves the theatre and that takes up all her spare time.
(d) She dislikes crowds and avoids them if at all possible.

2. Where does Jo get her flower bulbs?
(a) They are gifts from her father.
(b) She gets them from her neighbor's garden.
(c) She gets them in the park, when the gardener isn't looking.
(d) She gets them at the flower shops, for two cents apiece.

3. What does Helen need for her head?
(a) She needs aspirin, or some sort of headache medicine.
(b) She needs a hat to match her outfit.
(c) She needs a scarf, because she hasn't has a haircut.
(d) She needs a therapist to help sort out her thoughts.

4. How is the apartment lit?
(a) The apartment has an antique lamp the is covered in the rent.
(b) The apartment is lit by a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.
(c) The apartment is lit by sunlight or moonlight only.
(d) The apartment is lit by the stove.

5. What type of music do the first stage directions say should be playing?
(a) Blues music.
(b) Rap music.
(c) Jazz music.
(d) Rock music.

6. How does Jo make Helen's coffee?
(a) Jo makes the coffee very weak, because she knows Helen likes it strong.
(b) Jo makes Helen's coffee with cream, because she knows Helen takes her coffee with cream.
(c) Jo makes Helen's coffee with sugar, because she knows Helen hates sugar.
(d) Jo makes Helen's coffee very strong, because she knows Helen likes it weak.

7. Does the apartment have a bathroom?
(a) No, the tenants have to use the resturant next door.
(b) Yes, but the bathroom is communal and down the hall.
(c) Yes, but the bathroom has no door in the apartment.
(d) No, the outhouse is outside.

8. Why did Helen's first husband divorce her?
(a) He divorced her because he did not want to be a father and was not ready for the responsibility.
(b) He divorced her because she stole all of his money.
(c) He divorced her because she got pregnant with Jo by another man.
(d) He divorced her because they could not agree on where to live.

9. What excuse does Jo give when it is time for her to go?
(a) She is hungry.
(b) Her curfew is up.
(c) She is tired.
(d) Her mother is waiting.

10. What does Helen begin to drink when she enters the flat?
(a) She drinks soda.
(b) She drinks orange juice.
(c) She drinks gin.
(d) She drinks whiskey.

11. What is Jo's relationship to Helen?
(a) Jo is Helen's mother.
(b) Jo is Helen's daughter.
(c) Jo is Helen's aunt.
(d) Jo is Helen's sister.

12. What does Jo notice about Peter's brother's wife in her wedding photo?
(a) The woman looks remarkably like Helen.
(b) The woman was pregnant at her wedding.
(c) The woman's dress was not wearing a traditional wedding dress.
(d) The woman is wearing dark glasses.

13. What are Jo and Helen carrying into the flat?
(a) They are carrying carpet.
(b) They are carrying bags.
(c) They are carrying bookshelves.
(d) They are carrying babies.

14. How does Jo wear his ring?
(a) Jo keeps the ring in her pocket, stiched into the seams
(b) Jo hides the ring in a safe place to wait for his return.
(c) Jo puts the ring on a piece of string around her neck.
(d) Jo wears the ring proudly on her finger.

15. When do they plan to get married?
(a) They plan to marry during his next leave, in six months.
(b) They plan to marry in one year.
(c) They plan to marry in five years, and have a dream wedding.
(d) They plan to marry the next day.

Short Answer Questions

1. Regarding her drawings, Jo claims she is not only talented, but:

2. Why have Helen and Jo moved again?

3. Why does Helen love the dark?

4. What does Peter have in his mouth?

5. Where does Jo hope to be before she turns forty?

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