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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Jo's boyfriend been carrying for her?
(a) He has been carrying her bike.
(b) He has been carrying her dog.
(c) He has been carrying her shoes.
(d) He has been carrying her books.

2. Why has Helen chosen this apartment?
(a) The neighborhood is much nicer than their old neighborhood.
(b) The appliances are new.
(c) The two rooms allow Jo to have her own apartment.
(d) The rent is low enough for her to pay.

3. What, because of the time period of the play, is the significant difference between Jo and her boyfriend?
(a) Jo is a young girl, and her boyfriend is an old man.
(b) Jo is English, and her boyfriend is American.
(c) Jo is very tall, and her boyfriend is very short.
(d) Jo is Caucasian and her boyfriend is African.

4. When trying to purchase the item, what did Jo's boyfriend forget about her physique?
(a) He forgot how tall she was.
(b) He forgot what color her she has.
(c) He forgot what kind of hands she has.
(d) He forgot how big her feet were.

5. Does the apartment have a bathroom?
(a) Yes, but the bathroom is communal and down the hall.
(b) No, the tenants have to use the resturant next door.
(c) No, the outhouse is outside.
(d) Yes, but the bathroom has no door in the apartment.

6. How does Jo make Helen's coffee?
(a) Jo makes the coffee very weak, because she knows Helen likes it strong.
(b) Jo makes Helen's coffee with sugar, because she knows Helen hates sugar.
(c) Jo makes Helen's coffee very strong, because she knows Helen likes it weak.
(d) Jo makes Helen's coffee with cream, because she knows Helen takes her coffee with cream.

7. What does Helen try to give Jo when Jo complains of being cold?
(a) Helen tries to give Jo whiskey.
(b) Helen tries to give Jo a blanket.
(c) Helen tries to give Jo a hug.
(d) Helen tries to give Jo a slap.

8. To what does Helen compare their bed?
(a) She compares it to a grassy knoll.
(b) She compares it to a coffin.
(c) She compares it to a slaughterhouse.
(d) She compares it to a cloud.

9. How does Jo burn herself?
(a) She burns herself trying to make tea.
(b) She burns herself with her curling iron.
(c) She burns herself by trying to light the fire.
(d) She burns herself by trying to cover the bare light bulb with her scarf.

10. What is the climate like in the new apartment according to Helen?
(a) The apartment is stuffy.
(b) The apartment is terribly muggy, like a steamhouse.
(c) The apartment is swelteringly hot.
(d) The apartment is cold and drafty, a shelter to the four winds.

11. Why has Peter tracked Helen down?
(a) He wants Helen to marry him.
(b) Helen owes him money.
(c) Jo owes him money.
(d) He wants Jo to marry him.

12. What is Peter's last name?
(a) Jones.
(b) Smith.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Peter.

13. In which branch of the armed forces did Peter serve?
(a) The marines.
(b) The army.
(c) The airforce.
(d) The navy.

14. Where have Jo and her boyfriend gone to be alone?
(a) The deserted football pitch.
(b) The schoolhouse, after everyone has gone.
(c) The old hospital.
(d) His ship, behind the prow.

15. What is Peter's profession?
(a) Peter is a cobbler.
(b) Peter is a car salesman.
(c) Peter is a teacher.
(d) Peter is a lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Helen love the dark?

2. What does Jo think is still in her boyfriend somewhere, despite his current life?

3. Why does Helen not go to the picture show anymore?

4. Where does Jo hope to be before she turns forty?

5. Where does Helen offer to send Jo?

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