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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What excuse does Jo give when it is time for her to go?
(a) Her curfew is up.
(b) She is tired.
(c) Her mother is waiting.
(d) She is hungry.

2. What does Helen need for her head?
(a) She needs aspirin, or some sort of headache medicine.
(b) She needs a therapist to help sort out her thoughts.
(c) She needs a scarf, because she hasn't has a haircut.
(d) She needs a hat to match her outfit.

3. Where does Jo get her flower bulbs?
(a) They are gifts from her father.
(b) She gets them from her neighbor's garden.
(c) She gets them at the flower shops, for two cents apiece.
(d) She gets them in the park, when the gardener isn't looking.

4. Why have Helen and Jo moved again?
(a) Helen is running away from a man.
(b) Jo insisted upon getting her own room, so they moved.
(c) Jo is running away from a man.
(d) Helen found a better apartment in a nicer neighborhood.

5. Why has Helen chosen this apartment?
(a) The two rooms allow Jo to have her own apartment.
(b) The rent is low enough for her to pay.
(c) The appliances are new.
(d) The neighborhood is much nicer than their old neighborhood.

6. What is one of the items Jo finds in her boyfriend's pocket?
(a) She finds a gun.
(b) She finds a toy car.
(c) She finds a receipt for $1,000.
(d) She finds a stick of chewing gum.

7. What is Helen's reaction to Jo's dream?
(a) Helen jokes that everyone should be used to manure after death, then moves on.
(b) Helen is extremely offended, and slaps Jo across her face.
(c) Helen is terrified, and immediatly committs Jo to a mental facility.
(d) Hele thinks it is hilarious, and almost faints from laughter.

8. What important event in Jo's life has Helen forgotten?
(a) Helen has forgotten when Jo lost her first tooth.
(b) Helen has forgotten the date of Jo's birth.
(c) Helen has forgotten Jo's first words.
(d) Helen has forgotten Jo's graduation.

9. To what does Helen compare their bed?
(a) She compares it to a slaughterhouse.
(b) She compares it to a grassy knoll.
(c) She compares it to a cloud.
(d) She compares it to a coffin.

10. What type of music do the first stage directions say should be playing?
(a) Blues music.
(b) Rock music.
(c) Rap music.
(d) Jazz music.

11. Does the apartment have a bathroom?
(a) Yes, but the bathroom is communal and down the hall.
(b) No, the tenants have to use the resturant next door.
(c) Yes, but the bathroom has no door in the apartment.
(d) No, the outhouse is outside.

12. How old does Jo's boyfriend think that women are born?
(a) Brand new, just like everyone else.
(b) Three thousand years old.
(c) Five years old.
(d) Seventy years old.

13. What does Jo think is still in her boyfriend somewhere, despite his current life?
(a) She thinks there is still a bit of jungle in him.
(b) She thinks there is still a bit of iceberg in him.
(c) She thinks there is still a bit of tundra in him.
(d) She thinks there is still a bit of New York in him.

14. What is Peter's last name?
(a) Smith.
(b) Jones.
(c) Peter.
(d) Johnson.

15. What is the climate like in the new apartment according to Helen?
(a) The apartment is swelteringly hot.
(b) The apartment is terribly muggy, like a steamhouse.
(c) The apartment is cold and drafty, a shelter to the four winds.
(d) The apartment is stuffy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Helen's first job?

2. What does Peter wear on his eye(s)?

3. What does Jo's boyfriend give her?

4. What is Peter carrying when he enters the flat?

5. What does Helen begin to drink when she enters the flat?

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