A Taste of Honey Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Jo feel about she and Helen's new apartment?

Jo does not like the apartment. She things the neighborhood is awful, and she and Helen have to share a bed.

2. What is one of Helen's habits that Jo truly despises?

Jo despises Helen's drinking habits. She is always asking Jo to fix her a drink or going out to pubs with sleazy men.

3. Why is Helen in ill health?

She has caught a cold, and has a headache. Also, her nose is running and her handkerchief is wet.

4. What is Helen's main complaint about Jo?

Helen thinks that Jo cannot do anything for herself: she always needs help, or someone to take care of her.

5. Where is the bathroom in the new apartment?

There is a group bathroom down the hall, which they share with everyone else on the floor.

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