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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 introduces the play's main characters, Jo and Helen. The lesson should focus on their relationship at the beginning of the play, before Peter's entrance, and the atypical way they interact.

1) 1.) Choose two students to read Helen and Jo, and one student to read the stage directions. They should read up until Peter's entrance.

2.) Group or partner discussion: How is Helen and Jo's mother-daughter relationship unique? Does their constant bickering belie some major emotional issues just below the banter? How would you expect a mother and daughter in the fifties to behave toward one another?

3.) Split the class into two groups. Ask which character is actually the mother in the scene: Helen or Jo? Present the argument to the class.

4.) Homework: write a brief essay on the significance of Jo's dream. Is it a nightmare of Jo's, or is she just trying to get a...

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