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Chapter Abstracts

* Helen and Jo have just moved into a new apartment.

* They immediately begin arguing because Jo is not happy about moving, and criticizing Helen for running away from yet another man.

* Jo seems more the adult in the situation, and scolds Helen for not thinking anything through.

* Jo tries to improve the apartment by putting a scarf over the bare bulb, but burns herself.

* Jo shows Helen the bulbs she has stolen from a gardener in the park.

* Jo reveals to Helen she plans to leave school at Christmas.

* Helen finds some of Jo's drawings and tries to convince her to attend art school

* Jo is not interested, and tells Helen about a dream she had where Helen was found dead under a rosebush.

* Peter, a heavy drinker and brash car salesman type, has followed Helen to the new apartment.

* He does not know Helen has...

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