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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says, ""I think, perchance, you've lost your mind through extravagance" in Act 2?
(a) Elmire.
(b) Cleante.
(c) Dorine.
(d) Valere.

2. Which of the following does Orgon NOT say Tartuffe did the first time they met?
(a) Smiling.
(b) Weeping.
(c) Sang.
(d) Kneeling.

3. What does Cleante describe Orgon's descriptions of Tartuffe as near the end of Act 1?
(a) Simply garbage.
(b) Hearty smut.
(c) Dirty lies.
(d) Pure rot.

4. Why does Elmire begin coughing during her encounter with Tartuffe in Act 4?
(a) To get Orgon's attention.
(b) She wants Tartuffe to leave.
(c) She wants more water.
(d) Because she is sick.

5. What does Dorine do every time Orgon turns towards her during their argument in Act 2?
(a) Closes her eyes.
(b) Stops talking.
(c) Pleads with him.
(d) Looks away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Damis hide when Elmire and Tartuffe speak privately in Act 3?

2. Which character is the first to speak in Act 2?

3. Who says, "The mere thought of this ingratitude makes me suffer from a torture so crude"?

4. Who is the first character to speak in Act 4?

5. Finish the sentence: "You all hate him, and now I see how my wife, children, and maid conspire against his ______."

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