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Act 1

• Madame Pernelle prepares to leave her son's home while other members of her family follow her and try to speak.

• Madame Pernelle is quite good at having the last word, but the family attempts to pay her respect because she is Orgon's mother, but she insults each of them.

• First, Madame Pernelle criticizes Elmire, her son's wife, for the activities that take place within the home.

• Madame Pernelle then attempts to silence Dorine, the maid, and tells Dames, her grandson, that he is a plain fool and will never amount to anything.

• Madame Pernelle accuses her granddaughter, Mariane, of devious behavior, and tells her daughter-in-law that she sets a poor example and is far too extravagant.

• When Elmire's brother, Cléante, attempts to defend his sister, Madame Pernelle dismisses him and says that she cannot understand how her son can continue to allow him to visit.

• After...

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