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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the Free Commots does Taran think feels like home?
(a) Merlin's Commot.
(b) Commot Merin.
(c) Commot Merclin.
(d) Merry's Commot.

2. In what condition does Dorath leave Taran after the fight between them?
(a) Glaring in fury.
(b) Unconscious, but unharmed.
(c) Crying in shame.
(d) Bleeding on the ground.

3. What does Taran make for the farmer and his family before he leaves?
(a) A table.
(b) A system of catching and cleaning fish.
(c) A front porch.
(d) A new wheat grinder.

4. What does the shepherd realize at the end of the summer?
(a) Taran is not his son.
(b) Taran was meant for more in life than this farm.
(c) He is dying.
(d) Taran hates his life there.

5. What is the name of the crippled man Taran meets at the rocky area?
(a) Craddoc.
(b) Crawdack.
(c) Creekdock.
(d) Crabble.

6. What does the farmer with Craddoc's sheep credit most of his success to?
(a) Knowledge.
(b) Optimism.
(c) Love.
(d) Luck.

7. Why is Taran so hesitant to give up his sword to Dorath?
(a) It was a gift from Dallben.
(b) He has no other weapons.
(c) Dorath will most likely kill him with it.
(d) It is a huge disgrace to travel unprotected.

8. What happens the first time Taran uses his new sword?
(a) It cuts him.
(b) It is stolen.
(c) It shatters.
(d) It is admired and sold.

9. Who is the fourth of the Free Commots in danger of?
(a) Lord Goryon.
(b) The 3 witches.
(c) Lord Gast.
(d) Dorath.

10. Why does Taran move on from his second job among the Free Commots?
(a) He does not have a natural talent for it.
(b) He does not like his master.
(c) The work does not make him happy.
(d) He feels it is beneath him.

11. What does Taran suggest to the fourth of the Free Commots to trick their aggressors?
(a) Throw the aggressors a celebration.
(b) Make the city look vacant.
(c) Make their population look larger.
(d) Trade with the aggressors.

12. Who does Taran find at his side when he wakes after suffering injuries trying to save the shepherd?
(a) Craddoc.
(b) Dallben.
(c) Fflewdar Fflam.
(d) Gurgi.

13. What is Taran unable to do in the fourth of the Free Commots that distresses him greatly?
(a) Deliver Annlaw's pottery.
(b) Make his story heard.
(c) Catch and kill Dorath.
(d) Defeat the outlaws.

14. How does Taran feel about living the life of a shepherd?
(a) He admires the physical tenacity it requires.
(b) He loves the peace and serenity of it.
(c) He does not like it.
(d) He feels it is beneath him, but likes it.

15. Where does Taran stay for the winter?
(a) With the Free Commots.
(b) Craddoc's land.
(c) King Smoit's palace.
(d) Cair Dallben.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the shepherd's son?

2. What does Taran work to make at his second job with the Free Commots.

3. What does Taran's master in the third of the Free Commots have Taran do to clear his head?

4. What news does an urgent Gurgi bring Taran one day at the end of the summer?

5. Why does Taran never want to see the princess again after hearing the shepherd's story?

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