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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fflewdar tell Taran to do with what was found by the item hid by Kaw?
(a) Destroy it.
(b) Use it.
(c) Put it back.
(d) Take it along with them.

2. How long does Taran travel after leaving the king's palace before making his next stop?
(a) 30 days.
(b) 10 days.
(c) 3 weeks.
(d) 3 days.

3. Where is Morda's life force?
(a) In the polished bone.
(b) In a shining jewel.
(c) In his wand.
(d) In the necklace.

4. Where does Taran plan to go after Morda's death?
(a) The Ranges.
(b) The Free Commots.
(c) The Meadows of Flamnia.
(d) The Fringe Lands.

5. Where does the robber get what was hanging around his neck that Taran recognizes?
(a) From the guild of wizards.
(b) From Eilonwy's mother.
(c) As a gift from his mother.
(d) He found it in a box in a tree.

6. What is the name of Taran's horse?
(a) Milanulas.
(b) Melynlas.
(c) Millania.
(d) Moultana.

7. What does the man who loses his son do for Taran when he first enters Cantrevs?
(a) Gives him another sword.
(b) Offers him one of his horses.
(c) Takes him to his home.
(d) Puts a spell on the bandits.

8. What kind of person is the man who stole from the Fair Folk?
(a) Bard.
(b) Dwarf.
(c) Wizard.
(d) Elf.

9. Who does Taran want to talk to on his first stop on his quest?
(a) An elfish gossip.
(b) A dwarf king.
(c) The three witches.
(d) A bard.

10. How does Taran avoid what Morda tries to do to him in the compound?
(a) Asks if he can choose which animal he becomes.
(b) Pretends to be in a haze when he is really still lucid.
(c) Thinks of other things besides his goal.
(d) Does not give Morda direct contact.

11. What do the people Taran visits first on his quest want in return?
(a) Information.
(b) Service.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Something of value.

12. What does Taran try to do when he is saved from Morda's attack?
(a) Say a prayer of thanks.
(b) Release the other prisoners.
(c) Break the polished bone.
(d) Help in the fight.

13. What number book in the series is this book?
(a) 3rd.
(b) 4th.
(c) 2nd.
(d) 1st.

14. Which of the following is NOT one of the travelers who first approaches the evil compound of the robber?
(a) Taran.
(b) Gurgi.
(c) Fflewdar Fflam.
(d) Kaw.

15. How is the frog trying to hide when he is turned into a frog?
(a) Use an invisibility cloak.
(b) Use camouflaged clothing.
(c) In a hollow tree.
(d) Stooping behind a large boulder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What startling fact does Taran realize about the creature Llylan found in the bushes?

2. What is the name of the man who has Taran's horse after it is stolen?

3. What does Taran do when he escapes from his ropes in Morda's compound?

4. What do the travelers decide to do when the person sent to find the correct entrance into the evil compound of robbers does not return?

5. Who owns the house that Taran stops at after retrieving his horse?

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