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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the person who used to own the item hanging from the robber's neck?
(a) She tranforms herself.
(b) She dies.
(c) She is thrown into prison.
(d) She becomes a queen.

2. What startling fact does Taran realize about the creature Llylan found in the bushes?
(a) It is a magical eagle.
(b) It tries to tell them something.
(c) He dreams about this creature.
(d) It is Doli in an enchanted form.

3. Where does the first king whom Taran visits with tell him to look on his quest?
(a) The Nunnery in Nuance.
(b) The Dwarvish Caves.
(c) The Elvin Forest.
(d) The Free Commots.

4. Where does the man with Taran's horse say he got the horse from when Taran confronts him?
(a) Abandoned in his field.
(b) A horse market.
(c) A gift from dwarves.
(d) Stolen from Giants.

5. How does the king feel about the suggestion of punishing Gast and Goryon in a different way than usual for this dispute?
(a) He is hesitant to try it.
(b) He feels it is not harsh enough.
(c) He is angry about his power being taken.
(d) He loves the idea.

6. Who suggests a different punishment for Goryon and Gast than their usual punishment for the common disputes between them?
(a) Gurgil
(b) Dallwin.
(c) Taran.
(d) Fflewdar Fflam.

7. Who accompanies the king to help with the dispute between Goryon and Gast?
(a) Taran.
(b) Stout.
(c) Dallben.
(d) Gurgi.

8. What does the item hanging around the robber's neck allow him to do?
(a) Travel anywhere he wishes without a sound.
(b) Read people's minds.
(c) Live forever.
(d) Turn people into animals.

9. What feast is provided for Taran when he enters the house that Fflewdar Fflam is staying at?
(a) Pheasant.
(b) Vegetable Stew.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Bread.

10. What is Taran talking to Morda about just before he escapes from his ropes in Morda's compound?
(a) How he plans to kill Morda.
(b) Becoming a pig.
(c) Complete gibberish.
(d) How much he loves his princess.

11. What part of the herd is given to the farmer after the dispute is ended?
(a) One half of the calves.
(b) The bulls.
(c) The old and injured cows.
(d) The prize cows.

12. What is the name of the man who owns the house where Taran finds Fflewdar Fflam?
(a) Goust.
(b) Grist.
(c) Grasp.
(d) Gast.

13. Where does Kaw hide the item he stole from Fflewdar when he first sees him traveling?
(a) In a river bed.
(b) In a thorny bush.
(c) In a rabbit hole.
(d) In a hollow tree.

14. Where has Taran seen what is hanging around the robber's neck before?
(a) In Dallben's house.
(b) In a dream.
(c) On his princess.
(d) In a book.

15. What causes the enchanted frog to be ill?
(a) Lack of water.
(b) Strange dreams.
(c) Rapid growth.
(d) Constant moisture.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Taran avoid what Morda tries to do to him in the compound?

2. What happens as the king nears the scene of the dispute between Gast and Goryon?

3. What is Fflewdar Fflam?

4. Who owns the house that Taran stops at after retrieving his horse?

5. What does Kaw bring Taran as he is being led by the sick and enchanted frog?

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