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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, The Free Commots,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Taran hear when he first wakes after suffering injuries trying to save the shepherd?
(a) Taran is being honored as a hero.
(b) Craddoc is not his father.
(c) Dallben is coming.
(d) Creekdock is dead.

2. What do Dorath and his men do when Taran asks them for some food?
(a) Makes Taran promise payment for the food.
(b) Lets Taran scrape the left-overs when the men are done eating.
(c) Completely ignores Taran.
(d) Welcomes them and feeds them.

3. What favor does Taran ask of King Smoit when Goryon and Gast appear on the farmer's land?
(a) To take them on a tour of the damage they caused.
(b) To be hidden from view.
(c) To have them killed.
(d) To pick their punishment.

4. What does the party find as they take the injured King to a safe place?
(a) The missing cows.
(b) Taran's missing horse.
(c) A group of bandits.
(d) Goryon and Gast.

5. What does Taran refuse to do as he starts to leave Morda's compound?
(a) Give up his secrets.
(b) Kill Morda.
(c) Betray his friends.
(d) Allow his friends to die.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Morda get his life force back?

2. What is taken from Taran as he enters Cantrevs?

3. Where does Kaw hide the item he stole from Fflewdar when he first sees him traveling?

4. Who does Taran meet as he enters Cantrevs?

5. In what condition does Dorath leave Taran after the fight between them?

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