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The Mirror of Llunet

The three witches, Orddu, Orgoch, and Orwen tell Taran that he can find the answers he is seeking by looking into this. Taran spends the majority of the novel searching for this, finally finding it in the final chapter.


This was given to Taran by Dallben, the good wizard who cared for him as a child. Taran losses this to Dorath in a fight resulting from a debt Dorath felt Taran owed him.

Battle horn

Taran received this as a gift from his love, the princess, which will prove to be enchanted.

The Polished Bone

Taran and his friends find this in a box in a hollow tree that turns out to be the source of Morda's life force.

Fflewddur's Harp

This has a tell-tale sign of when it's owner tells a lie.

Potter's Wheel

Taran tries to use this to become a...

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