Taran Wanderer Character Descriptions

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Taran - This character is a young man who was abandoned by his parents as a small child and has lived with a good wizard, ever since.

Gurgi - This character is a wooly, bear-like animal that is intelligent and behaves not unlike a human.

Fflewddur - This character is a bard who plays a harp that's strings break when he lies, and who is also a king in his own kingdom.

Doli - This character is a dwarf from the land of Fair Folk who turns into a frog by a wizard.

Morda - This character is a man who has become a wizard thanks to a necklace that is a gift to him to give shelter to a sick woman.

Annlaw - This character is a talented potter who creates beautiful pottery for everyday use.

Dorath - This character is the leader of a gang...

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