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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee say will vary according to the opponent's skill and training?
(a) Body feel.
(b) Tactics.
(c) Preparation.
(d) Combinations.

2. Lee says that the tools of Jeet Kune Do are at the center of an undefined circle whose circumference allows _____.
(a) One to spiral out of control.
(b) Continuous expansion outward.
(c) A series of circles to become one.
(d) One to find peace within.

3. Lee states that most offensive action is _____, following a _____ or countering an opponent attack.
(a) Indirect/Feint.
(b) Favorable/Mistake.
(c) Aggressive/Sign.
(d) Predictable/Jab.

4. The _____ in the high line of engagement starts under the opponent's hand, and in the low line starts over the opponent's hand.
(a) Circular parry.
(b) Compound parry.
(c) Semicircular parry.
(d) Simple parry.

5. What does Lee say a delayed riposte involves for a fighter?
(a) Hesitation.
(b) Quick execution.
(c) Chance.
(d) A back shuffle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strategy does Lee use for avoiding a blow without moving the body out of range with straight leads and counters?

2. Lee believes one should keep his mind in a state of _____ so the freedom of action is never _____.

3. What does Lee say a mind loses if it stops?

4. What does Lee suggest results when there is no center and no circumference?

5. What parts of the body does Lee refer to in his instructions for slipping?

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