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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through It's Just A Name.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What move does Lee teach that shifts the weight and changes the feet while remaining balanced?
(a) Lunging.
(b) Pivoting.
(c) Weaving.
(d) Sidestepping.

2. Which Jeet Kune Do technique moves the body with a blow, thereby nullifying its value?
(a) Rolling.
(b) Body thrust.
(c) Punching.
(d) Slipping.

3. According to Lee, pride and boasting are both a _______.
(a) Disguise.
(b) Shame.
(c) Distraction.
(d) Motivation.

4. What does Lee suggest insecurity results from?
(a) Childhood.
(b) Standing alone.
(c) Indecision.
(d) Low self-esteem.

5. Lee believes that footwork during fighting is preferable to _____.
(a) Circling.
(b) Upper body work.
(c) Parrying.
(d) Standing still.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee teach as a fast forceful backward movement that allows further retreat or stepping forward to attack?

2. Lee says that a Jeet Kune Do fighter confronts ______, not a ______ of form.

3. What is balance?

4. What does Lee say involves observing the opponent's habits, virtues, and faults?

5. What does Lee claim is the greatest hindrance to proper physical action?

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