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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through It's Just A Name.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A fighter's ability to _____, Lee says, creates openings for _____.
(a) Be free of thoughts/Enlightenment.
(b) Fight/Winning.
(c) Confuse/Attack.
(d) Adapt/Change.

2. What technique does Lee describe that requires three factors be understood, including the opponent lead to determine the open side of the opponent?
(a) Countering.
(b) Jabbing.
(c) Gauging distance.
(d) Attacks.

3. What does Lee recommend to counter an attacking opponent?
(a) Feeling loose.
(b) Aligning the proper posture.
(c) Imagining simple moves.
(d) Figuring out the opponent's thoughts.

4. Compound attacks are characterized as _____ with short, fast combinations, or _____ with deep, penetrative, and fast combinations.
(a) Crispy/Uncrispy.
(b) Snappy/Loaded.
(c) Speedy/Long.
(d) Simple/Complex.

5. What does Lee claim is the greatest hindrance to proper physical action?
(a) Anger.
(b) Self-consciousness.
(c) Over-thinking.
(d) Doubt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee say are small, phasic, or bent-knee?

2. What is balance?

3. What does Lee teach consists of hand to hand contact measures that enable one opponent to do combat with another?

4. What does Bruce Lee call over-daring because it forbids illegal and unfair tactics?

5. Lee says that the key element of Jeet Kune Do is its _____ that permits it to have all technique.

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