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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Circle With No Circumference.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lee teaches that the ripening of an individual with his being is not possible without ______.
(a) Self-exploration in free expression.
(b) Six weeks of training.
(c) Understanding the history of martial arts.
(d) Letting go of a need to win.

2. What does Lee say changes continuously with the speed, agility, and control of fighters?
(a) Advantage.
(b) Mobility.
(c) Distance.
(d) Energy.

3. In Lee's view, what results from three thousand years of conditioning and propaganda?
(a) A Jeet Kune Do master.
(b) An Olympian.
(c) A classic martial artist.
(d) A successful athlete.

4. What does Lee teach a fighter may minimize by feinting, changing body position or using a variety of attacks and defenses?
(a) Appearing weak.
(b) Danger of a counter.
(c) Losing balance.
(d) Injury.

5. What type of posture does Lee say should always be maintained?
(a) A slight lean forward.
(b) A different one for each position.
(c) A rounded back.
(d) A straight line or axis.

Short Answer Questions

1. The _____ in the high line of engagement starts under the opponent's hand, and in the low line starts over the opponent's hand.

2. What does Lee say requires preliminary analysis, preparation, and execution?

3. What does Lee claim should be felt before it is seen?

4. What state of mind should a student have while in combat?

5. What does Lee claim is the greatest hindrance to proper physical action?

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