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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Circle With No Circumference.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee recommend to develop balance?
(a) Balancing on a beam.
(b) Kicking and punching.
(c) Standing on one foot.
(d) Warming up.

2. The success of Jeet Kune Do, Lee says, lies in its freedom to use or dispense with _____.
(a) Trends.
(b) Ideas.
(c) Rules.
(d) Technique.

3. Compound attacks are characterized as _____ with short, fast combinations, or _____ with deep, penetrative, and fast combinations.
(a) Speedy/Long.
(b) Crispy/Uncrispy.
(c) Simple/Complex.
(d) Snappy/Loaded.

4. What does increased tissue elasticity reduce?
(a) Fatigue.
(b) Muscle growth.
(c) The risk of injury.
(d) The fight or flight response.

5. What follows with the fighter lunging?
(a) A real evasive thrust.
(b) A compound parry.
(c) A false thrust.
(d) A semicircular parries.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attack occurs in the same line as the original action when the opponent retreats without a parry?

2. What is a balanced forward advance of the body through a series of short sliding steps forward?

3. What position does Lee consider to be the most favorable and underlies all recommended techniques and skills?

4. How does Lee suggest a feint makes the opponent react?

5. What object does Lee recommend using to practice accuracy with?

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