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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tools.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee say is one of the most important skills of any proficiency in athletics?
(a) Rhythm.
(b) Endurance.
(c) Coordination.
(d) Mastery.

2. What does Bruce Lee call over-daring because it forbids illegal and unfair tactics?
(a) Baseball.
(b) Western boxing.
(c) Jeet Kune Do.
(d) Indian wrestling.

3. What is the fragment of time within a cadence that is most suitable for effective action?
(a) Speed.
(b) Tempo.
(c) Seconds.
(d) Cadence.

4. Why is Bruce Lee confined to his bed?
(a) He is recovering from a coma.
(b) He breaks his legs.
(c) He suffers from a back injury.
(d) He has recently lost his sight.

5. What does Lee describe as the specific rhythm of two fighters executing a series of movements?
(a) Groove.
(b) Harmony.
(c) Cadence.
(d) Body feel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does increased tissue elasticity reduce?

2. What position does Lee prefer, because it is an area of weakness for most people?

3. What does Lee claim should be felt before it is seen?

4. Lee says that a Jeet Kune Do fighter confronts ______, not a ______ of form.

5. According to Lee, what is comprised of leads, false moves, and counterpunches supported by mobility and pressure?

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