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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tools.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee recommend to develop balance?
(a) Warming up.
(b) Kicking and punching.
(c) Standing on one foot.
(d) Balancing on a beam.

2. What does the author recommend that includes alternate splits, running in place, high kicks, and deep knee bends?
(a) Gymnastics.
(b) Boxing.
(c) Circuit training.
(d) An eleven step fitness program.

3. Lee explains that a dancer requires different warm up exercise _____ and _____ from an older martial arts fighter.
(a) Examples/Models.
(b) Sketches/Illustrations.
(c) Sets/Repetitions.
(d) Times/Types.

4. What term does Lee use to describe evidence of poor readiness?
(a) Knuckle sandwich.
(b) Slow poke.
(c) Adrenalburger.
(d) Brain freeze.

5. Lee teaches that the ripening of an individual with his being is not possible without ______.
(a) Six weeks of training.
(b) Understanding the history of martial arts.
(c) Letting go of a need to win.
(d) Self-exploration in free expression.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee refer to as the offensive and defensive weapon, which is the backbone of punching in Jeet Kune Do?

2. According to Lee, what is achieved by practice to form neural pathways?

3. What does Lee describe as dangerous in attack or defense?

4. Lee recommends a direct or indirect stop-hit to stop the opponent from ______ his attack.

5. What does Lee teach consists of hand to hand contact measures that enable one opponent to do combat with another?

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