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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Circle With No Circumference.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What supplies energy for muscular contractions?
(a) Biochemical reactions.
(b) Adrenaline.
(c) Physiological conditioning.
(d) Viscosity.

2. Who is the main author of the book?
(a) Bruce Lee.
(b) Gilbert Johnson.
(c) Jeet Kune Do.
(d) Linda Lee.

3. Lee states that a skillful athlete is characterized by his ease of _____ regardless of effort.
(a) Ability.
(b) Movement.
(c) Knowledge.
(d) Confidence.

4. What does Lee say a long and deep feint draws the opponent into?
(a) A feint.
(b) A trance.
(c) A corner.
(d) A parry.

5. What does the author compare to the time a fencer takes to perform one simple fencing action?
(a) Movement time.
(b) Fencing time.
(c) Practice time.
(d) Puzzle time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee say is the result of training the nervous system to form effective connections or synapses?

2. How does Lee suggest a series of punches end?

3. What does Lee call the space a fighter and his opponent have in relation to each other?

4. What does Lee believe opens spiritual insight?

5. What increases energy cost to cause early fatigue?

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