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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Qualities.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What state of mind should a student have while training?
(a) Active.
(b) Foggy.
(c) Tense.
(d) Calm.

2. What does Lee claim should be felt before it is seen?
(a) The strike.
(b) The finger jab.
(c) The side kick.
(d) The head butt.

3. Perceptual, mental, initiation and performance are types of _____.
(a) Stances.
(b) Speed.
(c) Thinking.
(d) Actions.

4. What type of posture does Lee say should always be maintained?
(a) A different one for each position.
(b) A straight line or axis.
(c) A rounded back.
(d) A slight lean forward.

5. What does Lee say occurs while warming up that reduces viscosity and resistance of muscle to its own movement?
(a) Spiritual changes.
(b) Physical changes.
(c) Emotional changes.
(d) Physiological changes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lee states that the on-guard position enables _____ and favorable _____ at the same time.

2. What does Lee use as a strategy that causes an opponent to attack in tempo with the intent to execute a subsequent attack?

3. Lee teaches that _____ allows one to remain coiled in a loose but compact position.

4. Lee says that the main goal of Jeet Kune Do is kicking, hitting, and _____.

5. Lee states that _____ requires the mind be not for or against.

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