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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Qualities.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an ability to recognize or provoke the right moment to act?
(a) Intuition.
(b) Timing.
(c) Inspiration.
(d) Speed.

2. What does Lee use as a strategy that causes an opponent to attack in tempo with the intent to execute a subsequent attack?
(a) Ego.
(b) Rhythm.
(c) Counter-time.
(d) Anticipation.

3. What does Lee describe as dangerous in attack or defense?
(a) A high hook.
(b) Telegraphing.
(c) An elongated guard.
(d) Hair pulling.

4. What supplies energy for muscular contractions?
(a) Viscosity.
(b) Biochemical reactions.
(c) Adrenaline.
(d) Physiological conditioning.

5. What does Lee recommend to develop balance?
(a) Warming up.
(b) Balancing on a beam.
(c) Kicking and punching.
(d) Standing on one foot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Perceptual, mental, initiation and performance are types of _____.

2. What moves a joint by becoming longer or shorter in order to cause motion that may be slow or fast?

3. What position does Lee consider to be the most favorable and underlies all recommended techniques and skills?

4. What does Lee believe one must eliminate to rise above the limits of karma or destiny?

5. What religious tradition does Bruce Lee draw on as a path to enlightenment?

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