Tao of Jeet Kune Do Fun Activities

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Athlete Study

Attend a sporting event or practice. Observe athletes. Write a paragraph on how they use movement and how their opponent reacts.

Special Guest

Invite someone who practices Jeet Kune Do or another martial art to speak to the class.


See if you can find any of Bruce Lee's "opponents." What did they learn from fighting him?

Business Card

Create a business card for your Jeet Kune Do instruction. Include an original symbol that reflects your personality.


Make a video of students practicing techniques from the text.


Write and perform a skit that tells the story of the making of this book.

Complete a Jeet Kune Do word search designed by a classmate.


Arrange a class yoga session that includes the use of mudras (a symbolic gesture in Buddhism).

Circle Dance

Create a dance called "The Circle With No Circumference."


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