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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the family invited to dinner on November 5?
(a) To the Henderson's.
(b) The Costello's.
(c) The Cruz farm.
(d) Mr. Donnelly's house.

2. What does Paul tell Joey when Joey says he's transferring to Tangerine?
(a) To bring his boxing gloves.
(b) That he already has friends there.
(c) To join the soccer team.
(d) To ask for Theresa Cruz for a guide.

3. What does Victor tell Paul about Paul's action during the game?
(a) They were an obvious foul.
(b) It showed Paul had a temper.
(c) They have been noted by his teammates.
(d) They were stupid.

4. What does Wayne tell Paul about how the muck bogs were created?
(a) They don't know how the muck fields came about.
(b) It used to be the city dump.
(c) By bulldozing a tangerine grove and covering the trees with dirt.
(d) It is a natural occurrence.

5. What does Paul do when he is put in the game to replace the injured player?
(a) Trips over a rock.
(b) Fouls an opponent.
(c) Falls on his face.
(d) Scores a goal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tino do while he and Joey are arguing?

2. Who holds the ball for Erik when he is due to kick a field goal?

3. In what grade of school is Paul?

4. Why is Paul introduced to Theresa Cruz?

5. What does Paul suggest to Joey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Paul and Joey see about a few houses in the neighborhood when they come home from school?

2. What worries Paul about his seventh period teacher and what does he vow to do about it?

3. How is Paul partly responsible for winning the game against Lake Windsor?

4. What happens the first time Paul shows up for soccer practice?

5. What starts an argument between Tino and Victor at practice?

6. Why do Joey and Tino clash in the group and what is the result of that clash?

7. What happens with Paul during a game with the Palmetto Middle School?

8. When and why do Arthur and Erik make fun of Joey?

9. What happens with Erik at the first football game with Lake Windsor?

10. How did the subdivision try to take care of the muck problem and what resulted from that effort?

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