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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paul learn about Coach Bright on Sunday?
(a) She was a promising Olympic athlete in track.
(b) She has a son Paul's age.
(c) She used to play professional soccer.
(d) She moved to the United States from Chile.

2. What does Victor tell Paul about Paul's action during the game?
(a) They have been noted by his teammates.
(b) It showed Paul had a temper.
(c) They were stupid.
(d) They were an obvious foul.

3. What does Paul learn about the muck at the homeowners' meeting?
(a) They are setting it to fire to burn it off.
(b) They have decided to bury it under concrete.
(c) It is completely out of control.
(d) They have sprayed it with water.

4. How do Joey and Tino settle their argument?
(a) They choose a number.
(b) They draw straws.
(c) They get into a physical fight.
(d) They allow Theresa to chose.

5. What does Tino tell Paul to say if asked about Tino's reaction to Paul's confession?
(a) That Tino said he could date Theresa.
(b) That he beat Paul to a pulp.
(c) That Tino laughed at him.
(d) That he kicked Paul in the rear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Paul introduced to Theresa Cruz?

2. At first, who does everyone think should type up their project?

3. Why do Tino and Victor get in a fight at soccer practice?

4. Who is taken to the emergency room during Paul's game?

5. How does Tino feel about what Paul did at the farm Saturday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What worries Paul about his seventh period teacher and what does he vow to do about it?

2. What do Tino and Theresa say about a possible subject for the group project?

3. What does Joey say about typing up the project?

4. How is Paul partly responsible for winning the game against Lake Windsor?

5. When and why do Arthur and Erik make fun of Joey?

6. What does Paul say about his parents not watching him play?

7. What starts an argument between Tino and Victor at practice?

8. What happens at half-time during the Tangerine-Lake Windsor soccer game?

9. What does Henry's brother tell Paul about the muck problem?

10. What happens with Paul during a game with the Palmetto Middle School?

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