Tangerine Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Paul say about how his mother has arranged their move?

Paul says that his mother takes on the move from Houston to Florida as she would have a "military operation." She calculates the exact time it will take to cover the distance and figures in the stops they'll make for gas so that they leave at six in the morning in Houston and arrive at nine that night in Tangerine County, Florida.

2. How do Paul and his mother arrive in Florida, and what does Paul's father say when they arrive?

They arrive safely and on time and find Paul's dad and Erik already there, as planned. Dad says that he's been trying to get organized at his new work and that the boss, Charley Burns, is out of town. Dad says that he's been told he can set his own hours which means he'll be able to attend Erik's football practice every day.

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