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Research soccer and find out what the rules are and how the game is played.

Character Portrait

Draw a portrait of Paul, Mr. Fisher, Erik, Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Donnelly, Mike Costello, Joey, Tino, Theresa, Luis, Arthur, Henry and Coach Bright.

Television Reporter

As a television reporter, provide a detailed report with interviews of the circumstances surrounding Luis' death.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using names, places and objects from the book.

Trivial Pursuit Game

Create a trivial pursuit-like game based on Tangerine. Have the categories involve items from the book, such as sports, the citrus industry, family dynamics, fitting in with classmates, and Florida.

Play the trivia game in groups with the winner of each group competing against each other for class champion.

Play a Character

Have each student select a character from slips of paper in a bag and act as that character. Have the...

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