Tangerine Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Paul Fisher - He is the younger of two sons. When he is twelve, his family moves from their home in Houston to Tangerine County, Florida.

Caroline Fisher - She is obviously interested in both Paul and Erik, and spends more time with Paul than his father does.

Mr. Fisher - He is a civil engineer and takes a job in Tangerine County which prompts the family's move to Florida.

Luis Cruz - Older brother of Theresa and Tino, he has a limp from falling out of a tree at a young age.

Erik Fisher - Paul's older brother, he is a football star.

Tino Cruz - Theresa's twin, he is Luis's little brother.

Arthur Bauer - This boy who becomes friends with Erik as soon as the Fishers arrive at Lake Windsor Downs.

Joey Costello - He is Mike's little brother, he and Paul are in...

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