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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tamburlaine intend to do before attacking the soldiers?

2. To which of these is Tamburlaine not compared?

3. Who sends a peace offering to Tamburlaine?

4. Who is the brother to Mycetes?

5. Who are the two parties involved in peace talks?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has prevented Tamburlaine from crowning Zenocrate an empress?

2. What is the reaction of the Sultan when Tamburlaine says he can remain in the royal court as a regent?

3. What suggestion does Meander make to Mycetes in light of the defection?

4. Who approaches Tamburlaine from Persia? What is the agreement struck between the two men?

5. How does Bajazeth react to the news that Tamburlaine intends to challenge his rule over the Turkish Empire?

6. What final words of advice does Tamburlaine give to Amyras?

7. What is the outcome of the attempt to offer the city's ruler the chance to surrender?

8. What causes Calyphas to proclaim his eagerness to kill?

9. How does Tamburlaine react to his new position as regent to Cosroe?

10. How is Callapine introduced in this scene? What are his intentions?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Tamburlaine becomes convinced of his own godlike status in Part 1, Act 2. What makes Tamburlaine think he has the same powers as Ancient Greek gods and heroes? How do Tamburlaine's subordinates feel about the proclamation? Do you think Tamburlaine is tempting fate or wrath of the gods with this statement? Is Tamburlaine over confident or delusional?

Essay Topic 2

Tamburlaine's ambition and ego will not allow Cosroe to take over the throne of Persia. Examine the scene in which Tamburlaine takes the crown. What is Cosroe's reaction? What is said to Cosroe? How is the event explained to the generals? What is the reaction of the generals and the soldiers? Who will remain loyal to Tamburlaine?

Essay Topic 3

In the beginning, Zenocrate loathed Tamburlaine. What physical assaults were thrust upon Zenocrate? Why did Tamburlaine insist on Zenocrate's imprisonment? When did Zenocrate's feelings begin to change? How was Zenocrate able to forgive Tamburlaine after he destroyed Damascus? What was the Sultan's view of the relationship?

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