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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cry is heard as the soldiers venture forth?
(a) We shall overcome!
(b) God save the King!
(c) To the trenches!
(d) Move out!

2. Who approaches Tamburlaine on behalf of Persia?
(a) Cosroe.
(b) Techelles.
(c) Theridimas.
(d) Zenocrate.

3. Who is the brother to Mycetes?
(a) Cosroe.
(b) Meander.
(c) Tamburlaine.
(d) Menaphon.

4. Tamburlaine reiterates his oath to remain:
(a) Worthy.
(b) Just.
(c) Unmerciful.
(d) Triumphant.

5. What will Tamburlaine's new title be?
(a) Chief of Staff.
(b) King.
(c) Lord.
(d) Regent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes the comment that Tamburlaine seems to be in love?

2. Tamburlaine intends to conquer every territory to what region?

3. Who proposes peace talks instead of war?

4. Which is not represented by a crown?

5. Who will receive the crowns of Bajazeth's regents?

Short Essay Questions

1. Sigismund is urged to break his pact with Orcanes and to join forces with Tambulaine. Who makes the plea and why?

2. How does Tamburlaine react to his new position as regent to Cosroe?

3. It is clear that Tamburlaine is admired. What/who does Tamburlaine compare himself to?

4. How does Mycetes react when he learns that Cosroe and Theridimas have switched sides?

5. Why is Sigismund's body left on the battlefield?

6. What is a basso? What is the purpose of sending one to Tamburlaine?

7. What causes Calyphas to proclaim his eagerness to kill?

8. How does Bajazeth react to the news that Tamburlaine intends to challenge his rule over the Turkish Empire?

9. What is the purpose for the visits from Theridimas, Techelles, and Usumcasane?

10. What is Zenocrate's attitude toward Tamburlaine? Why does she swear her loyalty to him?

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