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Objective: Mycetes is the Emperor of Persia. The main concern in this section is that Tamburlaine plans to invade the kingdom. Discuss the location, position, and geography of Persia.

1. Class discussion: As a class, discuss Persia, its location and why it would be important for Tamburlaine to take over the region. How might Mycetes and his army defeat Tamburlaine? How would Cosroe's proclamation change the plan for war? What would be the best plan for the Persians when going up against Tamburlaine?

2. Class activity: Find a map of Persia, preferably from the Elizabethan era, as regions and territories changed frequently at that time. Locate Persia. Where is it located? What is significant about its position? How might the geography and topography affect how the battle against Tamburlaine is fought? What area presents the best opportunity for Tamburlaine to enter Persia? Keep the map for future activities.

3. Find...

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