Tamburlaine the Great Character Descriptions

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Agydas - The Median, or Iranian, lord traveling to Egypt with Zenocrate.

Cosroe - Brother to the Mycetes, king of Persia.

Almeda - Callapine's jailer.

Amyras - Tamburlaine's son and successor.

Anippe - Zenocrate's maid.

Bajazeth - The emperor of Turkey in part 1.

Bassoes - Title given to Turkish officials.

Callapine - Bajazeth's son and heir to the Turkish Empire.

Calyphas - Tamburlaine's son; Tamburlaine murders this person after he refuses to fight in the battle against the Turks.

Captain of Balsera - Olympia's husband.

Celebinus - Tamburlaine's son, who emulates his father.

Theridamas - The chief captain in the Persian army.

Tamburlaine - Character with superhuman amount of strength and willingness to use any extreme in order to be triumphant.

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