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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Buddy angry with Laura?
(a) Because she does not throw him a towel.
(b) Because he is jealous of the attention Laura receives at church.
(c) Because she is jealous of his other girlfriends.
(d) Because she won't do what he tells her about the church.

2. Where are Marietta and CJ?
(a) At CJ's apartment.
(b) At the apartment.
(c) In a park.
(d) In the church.

3. To what does Buddy admit?
(a) Taking his new girlfriend gambling.
(b) Taking 100 dollars from Laura's purse.
(c) Taking 100 dollars from Essie's purse.
(d) Fathering a child with a young white woman.

4. To what does Essie compare Laura's denial?
(a) To the way her best friend in grade school denied being responsible for a window the girl broke and blames Essie.
(b) To the way Negroes are denied freedom during the era of slavery.
(c) To the way her daddy denied that Essie is his child.
(d) To the way Christ was denied by Saint Peter.

5. What does Essie wish she had stopped Laura from doing?
(a) From giving gambling tips in the sermons.
(b) From avoiding being saved.
(c) From being so free and ostentatious with money.
(d) From lying about the knife.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often does Essie go to church?

2. About what does CJ seem surprised?

3. When Laura is alone, upon what does she reflect?

4. Where do Essie and Marietta move?

5. What does Marietta do at the church?

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