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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Laura hire an artist?
(a) To do a portrait of Laura to hang in the church.
(b) To sketch line drawings of Biblical scenes on the pews.
(c) To paint murals of a black Adam and Eve and other Biblical scenes.
(d) To inscribe the name of the church on a piece of slate.

2. What does Essie do when Laura inspires her?
(a) Jumps up and starts preaching.
(b) Sings a gospel church.
(c) Runs inside to get her Bible.
(d) Faints.

3. What are Laura's robes like?
(a) Tailor cut.
(b) Drab.
(c) White for purity.
(d) Brightly colored.

4. What does Laura say Essie can provide?
(a) The preaching.
(b) The decorations.
(c) The music.
(d) The flowers.

5. When Laura encourages Essie, what does Essie do?
(a) Begins to sob instead of crying quietly.
(b) Sings louder.
(c) Prays with more fervency.
(d) Falls silent and becomes very still, entering into one of the "pauses" into which she frequently falls.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has it been since Essie has seen her daughter?

2. What do Buddy and Laura do as a new scarlet curtain is hung as a backdrop for the services?

3. What could the wine glass symbolize as far as Laura's character?

4. What might be a theme of this story symbolically portrayed in the final lines of this chapter?

5. What does Laura want to do with the money?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 1, how are the two women described and what might be construed by these descriptions?

2. Which woman would you support in the argument about what to do with their first 2,000 dollars and why?

3. How does Laura "fight unfair" in Essie and Laura's argument in Chapter 13?

4. What do you think is the significance of the title to Chapter 29, "Apple of Evil"?

5. How would you summarize the most overarching theme of this book?

6. In Chapter 20, Laura gives some details about her early childhood; in what way is Laura the same as her mother?

7. How do you think Marietta feels having been raised in the rural South to arrive in Harlem and find an older, very attractive man flirting with her?

8. What do you think is the significance of Chapter 26's title, "Moon Over Harlem"?

9. What is ironic about Laura's thoughts about Buddy in Chapter 30?

10. How is the narration's description of the North being a Black mecca ironic?

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