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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Laura say Buddy is going to become?
(a) Her business manager.
(b) Her bodyguard.
(c) The new minister.
(d) Her husband.

2. How does Laura suggest they buy the Bible?
(a) She has no idea how they can afford it.
(b) Collecting money on the street corner.
(c) Profits from her gambling.
(d) Asking the pimp down the street to buy it for them.

3. What might be a theme of this story symbolically portrayed in the final lines of this chapter?
(a) That a bad motive can turn out positively.
(b) That one should suspect people who start churches without a license.
(c) The self-fueling obsession with pleasure can prevent awareness of opportunities for spiritual growth.
(d) That wine and church do not mix.

4. How does Essie describe the Bible she finds?
(a) Small and easily held.
(b) Worn but functional.
(c) One that has pictures.
(d) Large, ornately decorated, and expensive.

5. What does Laura discover after she has talked about her life for some time?
(a) That Essie is asleep.
(b) That Buddy is asleep.
(c) That Buddy does not believe her.
(d) That Essie isn't in the room anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What scheme does Buddy suggest for making more money?

2. What does Laura do after they are persuaded?

3. What does Laura think about the Lord's help?

4. How does Buddy refer to Laura and himself?

5. What is distracting Laura from listening to Essie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Laura suggest near the end of chapter eight that seems to set the dynamics of how Essie and Laura participate in the "church" and what do you think might be the consequences?

2. How does previous foreshadowing play out in Chapter 30?

3. What is ironic about the beginning of Essie and Laura's church?

4. How is the title of Chapter 28, "Cross to Bear" relevant to Buddy and Laura's relationship?

5. What image at the end of this chapter is particularly striking and tells much about Laura?

6. How does Laura "fight unfair" in Essie and Laura's argument in Chapter 13?

7. How does Laura seem to have her moment of transformation as she comes to jail and confronts Essie?

8. When Essie says she does not want to buy the Bible with gambling money, Laura accuses her of being too holy and too self righteous; from what do you think this accusation stems?

9. Why do you think something that seems such a minor detail should be mentioned, such as the fact that Birdie is always running to the bathroom?

10. How is the title of Chapter 28 also relevant in the relationship between Laura and Essie?

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