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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Laura and Buddy believe about Essie?
(a) That she is becoming too holy.
(b) That she actually believes what Laura preaches.
(c) That she is keeping others from buying the holy water.
(d) That she is embezzling money from the church.

2. What does Buddy shout out?
(a) Hypocrite.
(b) There will probably be some numbers played with those texts the next day.
(c) Hallelujah.
(d) Amen.

3. What does Buddy ask for after showering?
(a) Money.
(b) A ride uptown.
(c) Booze.
(d) Sex.

4. Where do Essie and Marietta move?
(a) To a condominium in Brooklyn.
(b) To an apartment in the same building as the church.
(c) To a small house in the suburbs.
(d) No where new.

5. Why is Buddy angry with Laura?
(a) Because he is jealous of the attention Laura receives at church.
(b) Because she does not throw him a towel.
(c) Because she is jealous of his other girlfriends.
(d) Because she won't do what he tells her about the church.

6. To what does Essie compare her fear at this time?
(a) The time she was locked in a dark cellar for a day and half and she survives.
(b) Christ's fear in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before his crucifixion.
(c) The fear that Marietta would die when she was really ill at age 6.
(d) The fear of dying.

7. What happens when Buddy speaks crudely about how young the "bitch" is?
(a) Laura screams curse words at Buddy.
(b) Laura tells Buddy to leave the church and never return.
(c) Laura becomes very calm.
(d) Laura starts crying.

8. About what does Laura wonder as she is putting her purse away?
(a) Why it's impossible for a man to be a good man even when he's being treated like a good man.
(b) If Buddy is going to leave her.
(c) Why the music in the church has stopped.
(d) Why Essie still has such a ragged coat.

9. Who seems smitten with Marietta?
(a) Buddy.
(b) The white beat cop.
(c) Most of the congregation.
(d) A young, black lawyer who just moved in down the street.

10. How does Buddy threaten Laura?
(a) That he will leave her if she keeps trying to suffocate him.
(b) That he is marrying the young woman if Laura does not give him 1000 dollars.
(c) By telling her if she wants to keep him around she's got to put more money into him.
(d) By threatening to clue the cops in on the gambling operation.

11. What does Marietta do at the church?
(a) Turns the overhead fan on hot days.
(b) Passes around the collection plate.
(c) Joins the choir.
(d) Plays the organ.

12. Who sees Laura stabbing Buddy?
(a) Marietta.
(b) CJ.
(c) Essie.
(d) Birdie Lee.

13. How is Marietta described?
(a) Tiny, delicate, and beautiful.
(b) Large but proportionally shaped.
(c) About the same size as Essie.
(d) Very light skinned with light eyes.

14. What is the tone of his asking?
(a) Gentle.
(b) Rough-edged.
(c) Teasing.
(d) Pleading.

15. What is Marietta's response?
(a) She wants to marry.
(b) She would love him to become a preacher.
(c) She is a nice girl with morals.
(d) She thinks it's a good idea to date others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does going "North" mean to Southern Blacks at the time of this story?

2. Who isn't around as much as he used to be?

3. What does Laura hear two women saying about Buddy?

4. How does Laura feel towards Essie?

5. Who visits Essie in jail?

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