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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Laura and Essie react to Buddy's obvious attraction to Marietta?
(a) They both think it's ridiculous.
(b) Laura becomes jealous, and Essie becomes protective.
(c) They decide to watch Buddy carefully around her.
(d) They are amused.

2. Why does Laura threaten Buddy?
(a) Because she thinks he plans to let Marty take over the church.
(b) Because she is jealous that he is trying to seduce Marietta.
(c) Because he borrowed some money from her and has not paid it back.
(d) Because she doesn't want him to hurt Marietta.

3. What has Birdie Lee done?
(a) Gotten the entire congregation to picket the jail.
(b) Sworn on the Bible that she is telling the truth.
(c) Paid a private investigator to find out the truth about Buddy.
(d) Birdie Lee has come to see Essie, and has brought a lawyer.

4. When does Marietta come to live with Essie?
(a) When she is 15.
(b) After finishing high school.
(c) After college.
(d) After her junior year of high school.

5. What happens when Buddy speaks crudely about how young the "bitch" is?
(a) Laura tells Buddy to leave the church and never return.
(b) Laura starts crying.
(c) Laura screams curse words at Buddy.
(d) Laura becomes very calm.

6. Who visits Essie in jail?
(a) Birdie Lee.
(b) Laura.
(c) Buddy.
(d) Marietta.

7. What does Laura give Buddy for his birthday?
(a) A Buick.
(b) A custom suit.
(c) A Studebaker.
(d) A Cadillac.

8. What does Essie imagine doing with the church?
(a) Closing it in a year's time.
(b) Inviting a real minister to serve there.
(c) Essie is making plans for establishing a day care center in the church and doing other forms of good.
(d) Making it legal.

9. How does Buddy see Laura?
(a) As a beautiful cup of coffee with cream.
(b) As being too soft, too sweet, and about to melt like chocolate.
(c) As a woman past her prime.
(d) As the light of his life.

10. About what does CJ seem surprised?
(a) When Marietta says she loves him.
(b) When Marietta says she is moving back to the South.
(c) When Marietta says she wants to be a writer.
(d) When CJ learns he is accepted into Columbia University.

11. How is Marietta described?
(a) About the same size as Essie.
(b) Large but proportionally shaped.
(c) Very light skinned with light eyes.
(d) Tiny, delicate, and beautiful.

12. What does Essie say to Laura?
(a) She hopes she rots in hell.
(b) She does not say anything.
(c) Laura has been her friend, and that she'll make sure Laura gets a lawyer.
(d) She hopes Laura will accept Jesus into her heart.

13. How does Essie get to the church?
(a) Driving her car.
(b) A ride with someone in the neighborhood.
(c) Walking.
(d) On the subway.

14. Who has Essie asked to come by and visit?
(a) The choir director who can be a fatherly figure to Marietta.
(b) A respectable man from the church named C.J.
(c) The young lawyer down the street.
(d) No one.

15. What does Laura do when she comes into the jail and is locked up?
(a) She does not say a word.
(b) She screams "Murderer" at Essie.
(c) She apologizes, confesses to killing Buddy, and asks for forgiveness.
(d) She says she is innocent, but so is Essie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Laura suggest about Marietta?

2. In what is Laura most interested?

3. What does Essie wish she had stopped Laura from doing?

4. What does the visitor tell Essie?

5. How often does Essie go to church?

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