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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Laura unhappy about Birdie Lee?
(a) She is taking too much attention away from Laura.
(b) She has to go to the bathroom too much.
(c) She is no longer playing the drums.
(d) She is flirting with Buddy.

2. Who does CJ say he will beat up?
(a) Any man who does not respect Essie.
(b) No one.
(c) Buddy for stealing from Marietta.
(d) Buddy or any man who tries to take advantage of Marietta.

3. Why does Laura threaten Buddy?
(a) Because she thinks he plans to let Marty take over the church.
(b) Because he borrowed some money from her and has not paid it back.
(c) Because she doesn't want him to hurt Marietta.
(d) Because she is jealous that he is trying to seduce Marietta.

4. What is the tone of his asking?
(a) Rough-edged.
(b) Pleading.
(c) Teasing.
(d) Gentle.

5. Who does Laura accuse of killing Buddy?
(a) Herself.
(b) CJ.
(c) An unknown robber.
(d) Essie.

6. Who spends less time at the apartment after Marietta moves in?
(a) Laura.
(b) Buddy.
(c) CJ.
(d) Buddy and Laura.

7. What angers Laura as she arrives at the church?
(a) That Essie is not there.
(b) That the flowers have not been put on the altar.
(c) That CJ and Marietta are smooching in Laura's dressing room.
(d) That Buddy's car is not there and Birdie Lee is singing beautifully.

8. About what does CJ seem surprised?
(a) When Marietta says she wants to be a writer.
(b) When CJ learns he is accepted into Columbia University.
(c) When Marietta says she is moving back to the South.
(d) When Marietta says she loves him.

9. Who do the police arrest?
(a) Essie.
(b) A man hiding behind the garbage dump outside.
(c) Laura.
(d) CJ.

10. How does Buddy see Laura?
(a) As a beautiful cup of coffee with cream.
(b) As a woman past her prime.
(c) As being too soft, too sweet, and about to melt like chocolate.
(d) As the light of his life.

11. What does Laura give Buddy for his birthday?
(a) A Buick.
(b) A custom suit.
(c) A Cadillac.
(d) A Studebaker.

12. Who seems smitten with Marietta?
(a) Most of the congregation.
(b) The white beat cop.
(c) Buddy.
(d) A young, black lawyer who just moved in down the street.

13. Who visits Essie in jail?
(a) Laura.
(b) Buddy.
(c) Marietta.
(d) Birdie Lee.

14. To what does Birdie confess?
(a) That she wished her father dead and he dies in an accident two days later.
(b) How she allowed an innocent man to go to jail for a crime committed by a man she loved.
(c) To giving up her daughter for adoption.
(d) That she slept with Buddy.

15. Who has Essie asked to come by and visit?
(a) A respectable man from the church named C.J.
(b) No one.
(c) The young lawyer down the street.
(d) The choir director who can be a fatherly figure to Marietta.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Essie compare her fear at this time?

2. To what does Essie compare Laura's denial?

3. How does Laura feel towards Essie?

4. For what is Buddy hungry?

5. About what does Laura wonder as she is putting her purse away?

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