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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Laura see Buddy as he is coming out of the shower?
(a) Hard and strong and sexy.
(b) As a man past his prime.
(c) As handsome as the day they met.
(d) As getting a little flabby.

2. What does Laura suggest about Marietta?
(a) That Marietta is seeing Buddy on the sly.
(b) That Marietta is as loose as Laura is.
(c) That she be sent back to the South to protect her morals.
(d) That Essie try to get CJ to propose marriage.

3. When Buddy comes in, what does he say about Marty?
(a) That Marty has been murdered.
(b) That Marty has gotten religion.
(c) How happy Marty is that business with the Lucky Texts is making so much money.
(d) That Marty wants a bigger take.

4. What does Laura do with all her money before she came to jail?
(a) Hid it where no one can find it.
(b) Gave it to Marietta.
(c) Gave it to Marty.
(d) Put it all in the church's account.

5. About what does CJ seem surprised?
(a) When Marietta says she loves him.
(b) When Marietta says she is moving back to the South.
(c) When Marietta says she wants to be a writer.
(d) When CJ learns he is accepted into Columbia University.

6. What is Laura now doing at Buddy's suggestion?
(a) Changes from the sale of holy water to the sale of bone chips from the disciples.
(b) Having a service three times a week.
(c) Having three services each Sunday.
(d) Implements Buddy's idea to announce gambling numbers from the stage of the church.

7. Upon what does Marietta muse?
(a) That she is afraid to walk the streets of Harlem.
(b) That she wants to go to college like CJ.
(c) How she doesn't like being up North.
(d) How she feels less excited in CJ's arms versus Buddy's arms.

8. What is Marietta's response?
(a) She thinks it's a good idea to date others.
(b) She would love him to become a preacher.
(c) She is a nice girl with morals.
(d) She wants to marry.

9. About what does Laura wonder as she is putting her purse away?
(a) If Buddy is going to leave her.
(b) Why the music in the church has stopped.
(c) Why Essie still has such a ragged coat.
(d) Why it's impossible for a man to be a good man even when he's being treated like a good man.

10. Who do the police arrest?
(a) Laura.
(b) Essie.
(c) CJ.
(d) A man hiding behind the garbage dump outside.

11. About what is Essie concerned?
(a) Marietta's pregnancy.
(b) Laura's alcohol consumption.
(c) Laura's spending habits.
(d) Laura's health.

12. How does Buddy see Laura?
(a) As a woman past her prime.
(b) As the light of his life.
(c) As a beautiful cup of coffee with cream.
(d) As being too soft, too sweet, and about to melt like chocolate.

13. Why does Laura say she's going to put her purse in Essie's coat pocket?
(a) To hide it from CJ.
(b) To keep it safe.
(c) So Laura doesn't leave it in the church again like last night.
(d) So Essie can get some money out of it for subway fare.

14. Who does CJ say he will beat up?
(a) No one.
(b) Buddy for stealing from Marietta.
(c) Buddy or any man who tries to take advantage of Marietta.
(d) Any man who does not respect Essie.

15. What does CJ promise to Marietta?
(a) To be faithful.
(b) To not date anyone seriously.
(c) To respect her.
(d) To never leave her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Marietta described?

2. Who isn't around as much as he used to be?

3. Who is the woman that Laura calls a "bitch"?

4. What does Laura give Buddy for his birthday?

5. Who does Laura accuse of killing Buddy?

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