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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the visitor tell Essie?
(a) That the knife has Laura's fingerprints on it.
(b) That Buddy isn't dead as everyone thought and he told on Laura.
(c) That Laura killed herself.
(d) That Birdie Lee told the police that she saw Laura kill Buddy.

2. As Laura is getting into her robes, who does she want to come see her?
(a) Buddy.
(b) Birdie Lee.
(c) Marietta.
(d) CJ.

3. What doesn't Essie miss?
(a) The gangs on the streets.
(b) The drugs on the streets.
(c) The smell of alcohol.
(d) The screams and sirens in Harlem.

4. About what does Laura wonder as she is putting her purse away?
(a) Why Essie still has such a ragged coat.
(b) Why the music in the church has stopped.
(c) If Buddy is going to leave her.
(d) Why it's impossible for a man to be a good man even when he's being treated like a good man.

5. When does Marietta come to live with Essie?
(a) After college.
(b) After finishing high school.
(c) After her junior year of high school.
(d) When she is 15.

6. Why is Buddy angry with Laura?
(a) Because she won't do what he tells her about the church.
(b) Because he is jealous of the attention Laura receives at church.
(c) Because she is jealous of his other girlfriends.
(d) Because she does not throw him a towel.

7. What does Buddy shout out?
(a) There will probably be some numbers played with those texts the next day.
(b) Hypocrite.
(c) Amen.
(d) Hallelujah.

8. What happens when Buddy speaks crudely about how young the "bitch" is?
(a) Laura starts crying.
(b) Laura becomes very calm.
(c) Laura tells Buddy to leave the church and never return.
(d) Laura screams curse words at Buddy.

9. Who does Laura accuse of killing Buddy?
(a) An unknown robber.
(b) CJ.
(c) Essie.
(d) Herself.

10. Who seems smitten with Marietta?
(a) A young, black lawyer who just moved in down the street.
(b) Most of the congregation.
(c) Buddy.
(d) The white beat cop.

11. How does Buddy threaten Laura?
(a) By threatening to clue the cops in on the gambling operation.
(b) That he will leave her if she keeps trying to suffocate him.
(c) That he is marrying the young woman if Laura does not give him 1000 dollars.
(d) By telling her if she wants to keep him around she's got to put more money into him.

12. How does Essie get to the church?
(a) A ride with someone in the neighborhood.
(b) On the subway.
(c) Driving her car.
(d) Walking.

13. Who has Essie asked to come by and visit?
(a) No one.
(b) The choir director who can be a fatherly figure to Marietta.
(c) The young lawyer down the street.
(d) A respectable man from the church named C.J.

14. Who is the woman that Laura calls a "bitch"?
(a) A talented singer whom Marty is bankrolling in the belief that she'll have a great career.
(b) A friend of Marietta's.
(c) A new girl up from Georgia.
(d) The daughter of a former friend of Laura's.

15. What do Laura and Buddy believe about Essie?
(a) That she is becoming too holy.
(b) That she actually believes what Laura preaches.
(c) That she is keeping others from buying the holy water.
(d) That she is embezzling money from the church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do CJ and Marietta want to do after the church service?

2. How does Laura feel towards Essie?

3. To what does Essie compare Laura's denial?

4. What does Laura give Buddy for his birthday?

5. What is Marietta's response?

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