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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Birdie Lee going to get?
(a) A font for the holy water.
(b) A new set of drums.
(c) An altar.
(d) A new piano.

2. What does Laura plan to do when cold weather hits?
(a) Laura makes plans to rent an empty apartment, buy some chairs and a podium, and set up a church.
(b) She is not sure.
(c) Stop preaching for the winter.
(d) Stand over the grate across the street to preach.

3. What does Laura discover after she has talked about her life for some time?
(a) That Buddy is asleep.
(b) That Essie isn't in the room anymore.
(c) That Buddy does not believe her.
(d) That Essie is asleep.

4. What does the clerk give Essie when she pays off the Bible?
(a) A bookmark with the 23rd Psalm on it.
(b) A wall hanging saying GOD BLESS THIS HOME.
(c) A picture of the last supper.
(d) A picture of Jesus.

5. What does Laura ask when Essie encourages her to read her Bible?
(a) She knows she is saved even without a Bible.
(b) She knows enough of the Bible already.
(c) Where is the begats section.
(d) She really can't read too well.

6. Approximately when does Chapter 19 take place?
(a) About 2 months after Laura and Essie set up their church.
(b) Ten years after Laura and Essie set up their church.
(c) It is a flashback to a year before Laura and Essie set up their church.
(d) Just less than a year since Laura and Essie set up their church.

7. What do Essie's imaginings lead her to do?
(a) Sing.
(b) Dance.
(c) Pray.
(d) Cry.

8. What does Essie want to do with the money?
(a) Have two more murals painted.
(b) Hire a real minister.
(c) Buy hymnals.
(d) Bank it for a future need.

9. What is Buddy planning?
(a) The move of the new church to a renovated movie theater.
(b) To marry Laura.
(c) To embezzle church funds.
(d) To try again to leverage Essie out of the church.

10. What does Laura think Essie will think of Buddy and Laura's plan?
(a) She will turn them in to the authorities.
(b) She'll think it's ingenious.
(c) She'll be upset.
(d) She'll wish she had thought of it.

11. How does Essie clean her nails?
(a) With a knife she keeps on her for protection.
(b) By scouring them with a brillo pad.
(c) By cutting them down to the quick.
(d) By soaking her fingers in soapy water.

12. Why does Laura's resentment to Birdie Lee vanish?
(a) Because Essie kicks her to make her behave.
(b) Because she realizes the spirit of the Lord is upon Birdie.
(c) Because the collection is larger than normal after Birdie comes forward.
(d) Because Birdie drops a ten-dollar bill in the collection plate.

13. About what is Essie worried?
(a) About when she can bring her daughter to live with her.
(b) About the way Laura is carrying on.
(c) About how she can get out of the city with some money.
(d) About how Laura seems ill.

14. What are some of Laura's "rocks" for security?
(a) Church, her daughter, and liquor.
(b) Men, her daughter, and church.
(c) The numbers, her daughter, and church.
(d) Men, the numbers, and liquor.

15. Of what does Essie say there will be none?
(a) Male ministers.
(b) White people attending.
(c) White choir members.
(d) Black men in the church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Laura say about Essie that is hurtful?

2. What does Essie do after they are persuaded?

3. What might be a theme of this story symbolically portrayed in the final lines of this chapter?

4. What scheme does Buddy suggest for making more money?

5. What is Laura planning?

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