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Objective: This book is written during a movement called the Harlem Renaissance (also known as the Black Literary Renaissance and the New Negro Movement). It will enhance the reading of the book to understand more about this movement. The objective of this lesson is to understand the Harlem Renaissance.

1) Homework: Each student should research the Harlem Renaissance movement and write a brief (2-3 page) summary of what it is, where it occurs, the impact this movement has on literature and the arts in general, and who some of the major writers are of this movement.

2) Group Discussion. Get into groups of four and share your research. Compile a synthesis of all the information everyone brings to the group. Appoint a spokesperson to share your group's information.

3) Class Discussion: Group leaders share the information the group compiles about the Harlem Renaissance.

4) In-class writing assignment: After your research and...

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