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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can witches recognize on sight concerning the Taltos?
(a) That a person is a Taltos.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Whether the male Taltos is able to have children since most of them cannot.
(d) Whether the female Taltos is pregnant with a human child.

2. What do the Taltos do when a member of their race dies?
(a) They kill a human to journey in spirit with the Taltos.
(b) They send the body back to their home planet ot be revived.
(c) They burn the body.
(d) They couple to create another Taltos.

3. What does Mona ask Morrigan at the opening to Chapter Twenty?
(a) If they should share their ice cream with Mary Jane.
(b) If Morrigan is afraid.
(c) If Morrigan is Taltos.
(d) If Morrigan wants to be born.

4. What does Marklin realize when he and Tommy are in a large room with other members?
(a) Marklin and Tommy are the only novices.
(b) Marklin is being ignored.
(c) Tommy has disappeared.
(d) Nothing in particular.

5. What do the humans call the Taltos when they first begin a village among the humans?
(a) Picts.
(b) Druids.
(c) Saxons.
(d) Gentle giants.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ash take from the Catholic church?

2. What happens once when humans raided Taltos' village?

3. Where do Ash and the other Taltos with him eventually settle?

4. What is Morrigan's reply to Mona's question?

5. What does Marklin find when he uses Tommy's lighter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Doctor Jack insist upon and what information do they give him?

2. Why did some Taltos leave the paradise, what happens to the paradise and how do the Taltos feel about life in their new location? Why did Ash worry about the Taltos?

3. What is the problem between witches and the Talos, and what is the rumor about Taltos's blood and witches? How was Taltos blood introduced into the human race?

4. Who is Mary Jane bringing to her home on a boat and why does she need him?

5. What happens to Marklin and Tommy at the Motherhouse after the funeral for Stuart?

6. How does Ash come to write the book Stuart had in his possession?

7. What does Rowan tell Ash about Michael's fears about telling Ash the truth?

8. Where did Ash's group of Taltos eventually settle and how was their life? For what were the circle of stones used? What was one of the differences between Taltos babies in their new location as opposed to their old one?

9. How does Ash hear about Christianity and how does he feel about that religion?

10. What was happening in some of the Taltos villages in relation to humans and how does Ash and his people respond to the happenings?

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