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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mona think she might do to satisfy her curiosity about the Taltos?
(a) Find more information in the Mayfair archives.
(b) Call Ash.
(c) Dig up Rowan's children.
(d) Fly to Europe to visit Ash.

2. Who is Tessa?
(a) The last female born of the Little People.
(b) Ash's lover.
(c) The last Mayfair born two years earlier.
(d) A female Taltos.

3. Why does Marklin hesitate to go inside the Motherhouse?
(a) He wants to return to London and does not want to be detained.
(b) He has a premonition.
(c) He is afraid of being punished for Aaron's death.
(d) He is afraid of Stuart.

4. What repels some people about Mr. Ash?
(a) His hair color.
(b) His height.
(c) His eye color.
(d) His age.

5. What does Rowan want Michael to do?
(a) Travel with her to England.
(b) Go to Brussels in search of Aaron.
(c) Travel with her to Scotland.
(d) Stay home with Mona.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary Jane think about Rowen's illness?

2. What does Ash hear in the woods?

3. Where does the limousine driver who is chauffeuring Ash and his guests stop?

4. Who does Samuel say he killed?

5. About what does the call concern?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ash do when he drives to Donnelaith and what does he hear?

2. What does Ash say about humans' reaction to him?

3. Where does the woman in the Motherhouse take Ash, and what does he do there?

4. What happens when Ash meets Tessa?

5. What are Marklin and Tommy discussing when they return to the Motherhouse, and how does Marklin feel about entering the house?

6. What does Yuri tell Rowan and Michael about the Little People, and what does Rowan say is the first step?

7. What does Mona have the habit of doing, and what does she tell Rowan?

8. With whom do Michael and Rowan meet in London and what does he tell them?

9. What does Ash ask Yuri to do and what does Ash tell Yuri he must not do?

10. What does Ash say is the reason humans want to find a Taltos and what does Yuri say about someone who could bear a Taltos child?

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