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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens in the storm?
(a) A shutter flies loose and breaks a window.
(b) Lightening hits a tree and starts a fire.
(c) The electricity goes off.
(d) The water surges under the front door.

2. What happened to the Taltos island?
(a) It became barren.
(b) It eventually sank into the sea.
(c) It exploded.
(d) It is still there.

3. What is the clacking noise the doctor hears as he is preparing to leave?
(a) A young woman typing on a computer.
(b) A duck that is sitting on the porch.
(c) A young woman using an electric knitting machine.
(d) An automatic sewing machine.

4. What vow does Ash find appealing about which the Catholic priest tells Ash?
(a) Obedience.
(b) Chastity.
(c) None.
(d) Poverty.

5. Why is Mona having trouble walking?
(a) Her pregnancy is very advanced.
(b) She has no shoes on and the ground is rocky.
(c) She pulled a muscle in her calf.
(d) She sprained her ankle.

6. What does Mona say about the birth of Morrigan?
(a) It is still several months away.
(b) It is imminent.
(c) It will be easy.
(d) It would be best to have Rowan present.

7. What is one thing Ash worried about for his group of Taltos?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The humans would mate with them.
(c) Quarrels among them.
(d) The humans would kill them.

8. Why doesn't Michael want to jeopardize the friendship with Ash?
(a) Michael likes Ash very much.
(b) Michael thinks Ash can teach them more magic.
(c) Michael is afraid of Ash.
(d) Michael feels sorry for Ash.

9. What does Mona keep telling Morrigan?
(a) That Mona has to have Rowan help in the birthing.
(b) That they will be safe.
(c) That Mona loves her but she must become Ash's mate.
(d) That she must obey Mona when she is born.

10. What can the Taltos recognize on sight concerning witches?
(a) How powerful a witch is.
(b) That a person is a witch.
(c) Whether a witch can bear a Taltos child.
(d) Whether the witch uses positive or negative energy.

11. What happens once when humans raided Taltos' village?
(a) Nothing since the Taltos had nothing.
(b) All the children are killed.
(c) The homes are burned to the ground.
(d) The Taltos must pay taxes at an exorbitant rate.

12. Who begins screaming?
(a) The young woman typing.
(b) Mona.
(c) Mary Jane.
(d) The young woman using the sewing machine.

13. Who do Taltos recognize on sight?
(a) If someone means them harm.
(b) A pregnant woman.
(c) Witches.
(d) Each other.

14. What does Ash take from the Catholic church?
(a) Restitution for the attack.
(b) The advice to move elsewhere.
(c) Holy orders.
(d) Lessons.

15. What do the Taltos do when a member of their race dies?
(a) They kill a human to journey in spirit with the Taltos.
(b) They send the body back to their home planet ot be revived.
(c) They burn the body.
(d) They couple to create another Taltos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the humans who live near the Taltos village ask the Taltos?

2. Whose church becomes very popular with the humans?

3. With whom does Ash leave the Taltos paradise?

4. What does Mona ask Morrigan at the opening to Chapter Twenty?

5. How many Taltos are alive after the battle with the villagers?

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