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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5 through 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some people realize about Mr. Ash?
(a) He isn't human.
(b) He is well educated.
(c) He is greedy.
(d) He is somehow tied to the New Jersey mafia.

2. How does Rowen respond to Bea's news?
(a) Rowen sits up and gives orders.
(b) Rowen dies.
(c) Rowen starts laughing.
(d) Rowen starts sobbing.

3. Why is Stuart Gordon furious with Marklin?
(a) That Marklin helped Tommy ruin the monolith at Stonehenge.
(b) That Marklin got Aaron away from the killers.
(c) That Marklin had a hand in killing Aaron.
(d) That Marklin is associating with Tommy.

4. What does the doctor tell Mona?
(a) She is about three weeks pregnant.
(b) She is not pregnant.
(c) She is three months pregnant.
(d) She is unable to get pregnant.

5. What news does Bea bring to Mona and Rowen?
(a) That Aaron has married.
(b) That Aaron has been killed.
(c) That Aaron has been kidnapped.
(d) That Aaron has flown to Brussels.

Short Answer Questions

1. What repels some people about Mr. Ash?

2. Who does Samuel say he killed?

3. With whom do Michael and Rowan meet?

4. Who were Lasher's parents?

5. Where does Rowen want Mona to go with her?

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