Taltos: Lives of the Mayfair Witches Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapters 1 through 4

1. In what state of the United States is Mr. Ash when the story opens?
(a) Louisiana.
(b) Pennsylvania.
(c) New Jersey.
(d) New York.

2. What does the young woman do who Mr. Ash hires?
(a) Sews intricate quilts.
(b) Paints oil paintings.
(c) Designs miniature houses.
(d) Designs dolls.

3. What repels some people about Mr. Ash?
(a) His height.
(b) His eye color.
(c) His hair color.
(d) His age.

4. What do some people realize about Mr. Ash?
(a) He isn't human.
(b) He is well educated.
(c) He is greedy.
(d) He is somehow tied to the New Jersey mafia.

5. What does Mr. Ash's apartment overlook?
(a) Central Park.
(b) The Freeport harbor.
(c) Liberty Square.
(d) The Atlantic Ocean.

6. Who does Mr. Ash receive a call from in the first chapter?
(a) Mona.
(b) Samuel.
(c) Mary Jane.
(d) Yuri.

7. About what does the call concern?
(a) An accident that Mona has.
(b) An incident involving a gypsy.
(c) Some stocks.
(d) A school event that Mary Jane has.

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