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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What literary tool is used in the story of the old couple and Mel and Terri's relationship?
(a) Parallelism.
(b) Alliteration.
(c) Anthropomorphism.
(d) Imagery.

2. What literary device does the author use in portraying Mel's difficulty in understanding love despite his profession?
(a) Anastrophe.
(b) Symbolism.
(c) Emulation.
(d) Irony.

3. Which of the following is a form of entertainment for the characters?
(a) Smoking.
(b) Drinking alcohol.
(c) Singing songs.
(d) Playing board games.

4. Which of the following is a symbol in this story?
(a) Music.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Death.
(d) The heart.

5. Over what length of time does this story take place?
(a) One week.
(b) About thirty minutes.
(c) One evening.
(d) Two days.

6. What is the tone of the story as Nick kisses his wife's hand?
(a) Serious and arcane.
(b) Dull and subdued.
(c) Fast-paced and rushed.
(d) Romantic and sweet.

7. In which part of the story does the narrator mention where the characters are from?
(a) In the beginning.
(b) In the middle.
(c) In the final paragraph.
(d) The narrator does not mention it at all.

8. What is Mel unable to do in this story?
(a) Understand the workings of the human heart.
(b) Comprehend the effect of imagery in the story.
(c) Become uninhibited.
(d) Articulate his ideas about love.

9. How many purposes does the alcohol serve in this story?
(a) Two.
(b) Five.
(c) None.
(d) It is unclear.

10. Which of the following best describes the mood of the old woman at the end of Mel's story?
(a) Anxious.
(b) It is not clear.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Calm.

11. When the author uses the term 'universal', to what is he referring?
(a) The stages of love.
(b) The romance present in relationships.
(c) Marriage.
(d) The use of song to make people feel better.

12. How does the author characterize Terri and Mel's relationship?
(a) Egalitarian and loving.
(b) Hostile and rocky.
(c) Unstable and volatile.
(d) Strong and honest.

13. Which of the following is a connotation of the word 'heart'?
(a) The organ responsible for moving blood around the body.
(b) The center of something.
(c) Emotions and memories connected to loving and feeling.
(d) A geometrical shape usually given on Valentine's Day.

14. After Mel finished his story, who does the narrator think knows the meaning of true love?
(a) Terri.
(b) No one.
(c) Laura.
(d) Ed.

15. What term best describes Mel's nature?
(a) Appreciative.
(b) Considerate.
(c) Introverted.
(d) Passionate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following events is the climax of Carver's story?

2. How many stages of love are there, according to the author?

3. What is the overall mood of the characters by the end of the story?

4. Which of the characters seems to realize first that Mel's desire to experience real love is not yet fulfilled?

5. According to the author, where are the characters from?

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