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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Highhawk refer to Rudolfo Gomez?
(a) As an old friend.
(b) As his partner in crime.
(c) As his bitter rival.
(d) As his friendly nemesis.

2. Where is Highhawk found?
(a) In a locker in the female employee's locker room.
(b) In a restroom in the basement.
(c) In a repository for artifacts from a Palawan Island tribe.
(d) In a repository for artifacts from Borneo.

3. What interests Captain Parker about the incident at the museum when Highhawk disappears?
(a) The sprinkler system went off.
(b) There was nothing stolen at the museum.
(c) The security guard was not at her station.
(d) The alarm system did not go off.

4. What does Fleck think about after making a phone call?
(a) How to kill the nursing home director.
(b) Killing his mother.
(c) How to get 3000 dollars.
(d) Leaving town.

5. What is one thing a brief newspaper article says about Elogio Santillanes y Jimenez?
(a) He is an exiled communist leader from Chile.
(b) He is a diplomat of the Spanish government.
(c) He is an exiled communist leader from Ecuador.
(d) He is an exiled musician from Costa Rica.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the criteria upon which the Smithsonian will return a skeleton to a tribe?

2. Where does Captain Rodney meet Leaphorn?

3. How does Leaphorn call the interrogators' bluff?

4. Whose body was discovered under some bushes?

5. What is the prosecutor offering Highhawk?

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