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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chee ponder after reading the letter he receives?
(a) Why his girlfriend charges an expensive necklace on his card.
(b) What do to on his vacation.
(c) What his uncle may have left him in his will.
(d) Why Catherine Perry wants to meet with him.

2. What does the doctor suggest to Anges Tsosie?
(a) To do something relaxing such as taking a cruise.
(b) To go tell her daughters the good news.
(c) Nothing.
(d) To remain in the hospital.

3. Why does Leaphorn go out into the snow?
(a) He is tracking a man.
(b) He is hoping to find a sign that his wife can hear him.
(c) He misses his wife.
(d) He is tracking a deer.

4. How did the Smithsonian obtain the item which the Chilean general is trying to recover?
(a) The general's grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.
(b) No one is certain.
(c) The general's great-great grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.
(d) A Spanish general in the late 1800s sold it to a major corporation.

5. Who is Captain Largo?
(a) Highhawk's good friend.
(b) Leaphorn's boss.
(c) Chee's boss.
(d) Chee's brother-in-law.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Chee scheduled to do beginning Tuesday?

2. Why was an Amtrak train stopped for 38 minutes on the night of the murder that Leaphorn is investigating?

3. Why does Leaphorn decide to go to Washington, D. C.?

4. How can an Amtrak train be stopped by a passenger in an emergency?

5. Who has Janet seen repeatedly?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why hasn't The Client paid Fleck the rest of the money owed Fleck?

2. How do the members of the tribal council feel about the proposed bypass? How does Tamana think he can get elected to the council?

3. What does Janet Pete tell Jim Chee about a man in a Chevy?

4. Who picks up Chee at the airport and what does he observe about the men?

5. What has Henry Highhawk asked the Smithsonian to do?

6. What ceremony is Jim Chee observing and why is he there?

7. What does Janet say about one of McDermott's clients who is a real estate developer?

8. What is one source of cash for Fleck to help his mother and who does he contact about it?

9. What does Anges Tsosie tell Joe Leaphorn when he questions her?

10. About what does Jay Kennedy call Joe Leaphorn?

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