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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Leaphorn receive a phone call?
(a) Catherine Perry.
(b) Agnes Tsose.
(c) Dr. Booker.
(d) Jay Kennedy.

2. Who does Mrs. Bailey say has called Perry?
(a) A Senator of New Mexico.
(b) Leaphorn.
(c) Highhawk.
(d) Chilean embassy.

3. What is high quality but worn?
(a) A modern Navajo blanket made on factory looms.
(b) The Navajo jewelry Leaphorn finds.
(c) The corpse's clothing.
(d) An ancient Navajo woven blanket.

4. What does Janet Pete tell Chee?
(a) That Chee's uncle left Chee his pipe.
(b) That Highhawk and Gomez are planning a serious crime.
(c) That Mary Langdon has been arrested.
(d) That the Nez Pez pow wow has been rescheduled.

5. How did the Smithsonian obtain the item which the Chilean general is trying to recover?
(a) No one is certain.
(b) The general's great-great grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.
(c) A Spanish general in the late 1800s sold it to a major corporation.
(d) The general's grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who disagrees with Highhawk's work?

2. Where does Anges Tsosie's son-in-law place her bed?

3. What shocks Perry when she opens the package on her desk?

4. What is the opposition to what one of McDermott's clients want to do?

5. What does Leaphorn do at dusk?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Joe Leaphorn believe harmony has been restored in terms of the corpse in the desert?

2. What does Anges Tsosie tell Joe Leaphorn when he questions her?

3. What does Janet Pete tell Jim Chee about a man in a Chevy?

4. How do the members of the tribal council feel about the proposed bypass? How does Tamana think he can get elected to the council?

5. Why hasn't The Client paid Fleck the rest of the money owed Fleck?

6. What does Leaphorn find when he searches the luggage of Hilario Madrid- Perez for clues?

7. For whom does Janet Chee work and what is her relationship to her immediate supervisor?

8. Who picks up Chee at the airport and what does he observe about the men?

9. What is one source of cash for Fleck to help his mother and who does he contact about it?

10. What does Janet say about one of McDermott's clients who is a real estate developer?

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