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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chee do when Highhawk receives a phone call and excuses himself?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Writes down what he overheard from the call.
(c) Pretends disinterest.
(d) Checks the time.

2. What does Hartman worry if she returns one of the objects of her display?
(a) They will not allow the museum to use it again.
(b) She has no intention of giving up any of the museum's collection.
(c) They will sell it to the highest private bidder who will then charge the musuem to display it.
(d) They will melt it down for the gold.

3. How can Chee tell the Yeibichai is a replica?
(a) The colors are slightly the wrong hue.
(b) He cannot tell if it is original or not.
(c) There is a made in China sticker on it.
(d) There is no corn pollen on it.

4. How does Fleck amuse himself?
(a) By calling ads of people who are selling things.
(b) By cutting himself.
(c) By going to bars.
(d) By snorting coccaine.

5. How does Highhawk refer to Rudolfo Gomez?
(a) As an old friend.
(b) As his partner in crime.
(c) As his friendly nemesis.
(d) As his bitter rival.

6. What does Leaphorn learn about auranofin?
(a) It is a code word for a CIA operative.
(b) It is a code word for a priceless Native American relic.
(c) It is a drug.
(d) It is a code word for a CIA operation.

7. Whose body was discovered under some bushes?
(a) Yoakum.
(b) Highhawk.
(c) Fleck.
(d) No one.

8. Why does Highhawk wish to speak with Janet Pete privately?
(a) To find out if she has decided on his offer of employment.
(b) To tell her of a threat against him.
(c) To ask her to marry him.
(d) To consult her about his criminal charges.

9. About whom does Leaphorn ask his interrogators?
(a) Perry.
(b) Pete.
(c) McDermott.
(d) Highhawk.

10. How does Leaphorn learn the killer's address?
(a) Through a want ad circled in the paper on the victim.
(b) From Henry Highhawk.
(c) By a pharmacist.
(d) Through the Washington, D. C. police.

11. What is the name of the exhibit Highhawk is setting up?
(a) The Masked Gods of the Americas.
(b) The Fall of the Nations of Native America.
(c) The Americas' Masked Enemies.
(d) Finding the Masked Ones of North America.

12. Where does Captain Rodney meet Leaphorn?
(a) Highhawk's townhouse.
(b) The downtown police station.
(c) Janet Pete's office.
(d) A coffee shop.

13. What is a song on the recorder found on Highhawk?
(a) A song from the Night Chant.
(b) There are no songs; just talking.
(c) An explanation about why he killed Yoakum.
(d) A song from a Zuni Rain Dance.

14. Who does the reader learn is "The Client"?
(a) A Chilean general.
(b) The head of security at the Chilean embassy.
(c) A Brazilian general.
(d) The President of Chili.

15. Who is at Highhawk's townhouse when Chee and Leaphorn arrive?
(a) Janet Pete.
(b) Fleck.
(c) No one.
(d) Gomez.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shocks Chee near the museum entrance?

2. What is the purpose of the dance for Anges Tsosie?

3. How long has it been since Elogio Santillanes y Jimenez is murdered when Fleck reads about him?

4. What is under Highhawk's body?

5. To what is the cassette recorder found in Highhawk's pocket wired?

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