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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Leaphorn meet for breakfast in a hotel restaurant?
(a) Chee.
(b) Highhawk.
(c) Pete.
(d) Perry.

2. About what do Chee and Leaphorn disagree?
(a) About whether or not Highhawk was insane.
(b) If Leaphorn should tell the press that the FBI did not identify the desert corpse.
(c) If Chee should date Janet Pete.
(d) About the bones of Navajo people.

3. For what is Fleck still searching?
(a) His missing daughter.
(b) A nursing home for his mother.
(c) A man he is supposed to incapacitate.
(d) His wife who leaves him.

4. How long did Elogio Santillanes y Jimenez have to remained a "John Doe" for Fleck to be paid by The Client?
(a) 14 days.
(b) 45 days.
(c) 30 days.
(d) 3 days.

5. Who does Chee discuss with Leaphorn?
(a) Highhawk and Gomez.
(b) Pete.
(c) Fleck.
(d) Perry.

6. What is the purpose of the dance for Anges Tsosie?
(a) To entertain her in her last hours.
(b) To cure her of liver cancer.
(c) To cure her of her brain tumor.
(d) To restore her to harmony with her fate.

7. How do Leaphorn's interrogators act?
(a) Belligerent.
(b) Friendly.
(c) Arrogant.
(d) Grateful.

8. To what is the cassette recorder found in Highhawk's pocket wired?
(a) A watch.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A small camera.
(d) A low voltage meter.

9. What does Leroy Fleck locate?
(a) A valuable Native American artifact.
(b) A hidden microphone in his office.
(c) A valuable ring.
(d) The phone booth to which he was directed.

10. Who is coming to visit the Smithsonian?
(a) The President of Ecuador.
(b) General Jose Juarez.
(c) The President of Mexico.
(d) General Ramon Huerta Cardona.

11. Who refuses to pay Fleck for a job he did?
(a) Eddy Elkins.
(b) General Ramon Huerta Cardona.
(c) General Jose Juarez.
(d) The Client.

12. What does Leaphorn learn about auranofin?
(a) It is a drug.
(b) It is a code word for a priceless Native American relic.
(c) It is a code word for a CIA operative.
(d) It is a code word for a CIA operation.

13. Where do Chee and Janet go on the Metro?
(a) The Smithsonian.
(b) Janet's office.
(c) Janet's apartment.
(d) Highhawk's home.

14. What myth do the surreal drawings represent that Chee studies in Highhawk's office?
(a) Holy Girl.
(b) Water Girl.
(c) Holy Boy.
(d) Water Boy.

15. What does Leaphorn realize the purpose of the list is?
(a) To remind the killer of what to dispose of.
(b) To point the figure at the wrong person.
(c) To remind the victim of meetings.
(d) To mislead the police as to the reasons for the murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interests Captain Parker about the incident at the museum when Highhawk disappears?

2. What did Fleck kill three inmates?

3. Who kills a cop in Chapter 18?

4. How does Leaphorn learn the killer's address?

5. What shocks Chee near the museum entrance?

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