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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocks Chee near the museum entrance?
(a) Seeing a homeless man sleeping near the Washington monument.
(b) Seeing Joe Leaphorn.
(c) Seeing Janet with her arms around another Native American.
(d) Seeing an elderly woman fall and people just walking around her.

2. Who comes and talks to Leaphorn at his hotel room?
(a) Two Washington, D. C. police detectives.
(b) Two CIA agents.
(c) Two FBI agents.
(d) Two Homeland Security agents.

3. Who does Leaphorn want to question?
(a) Gomez.
(b) Janet Pete.
(c) Highhawk.
(d) Perry.

4. What does Fleck do after seeing the article about Elogio Santillanes y Jimenez?
(a) Shoots a hole in the wall of his apartment.
(b) Calls The Client.
(c) Calls a Washington, D. C. police detective.
(d) Calls the FBI.

5. Why does Leaphorn miss Emma particularly at this moment?
(a) Because she would love to see the Native American exhibit at the Smithsonian.
(b) For her reassurance that he is not a failure.
(c) Because he feels lonely in such a large city.
(d) Because they had their honeymoon near the area.

6. Who kills a cop in Chapter 18?
(a) Highhawk.
(b) Fleck.
(c) Delmar.
(d) Elkins.

7. What is different between the list and the notebook in the luggage Leaphorn inspects?
(a) The handwriting.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The owner address tags.
(d) The initials.

8. Why is Highhawk unwilling to accept what Janet tells him?
(a) He believes what he did was not illegal.
(b) He wants to be seen as a militant Indian.
(c) He believes he is being framed.
(d) He is willing to accept the plea bargain.

9. What is Leaphorn's typical outfit at home?
(a) The uniform of the Navajo Tribal Police.
(b) Jeans and flannel shirt.
(c) Business suit.
(d) The uniform of the Nez Pez Tribal Police.

10. For whom does Elkins work?
(a) A Washington, D. C. law firm.
(b) A New York City law firm.
(c) A San Francisco law firm.
(d) A Chicago law firm.

11. What does Fleck want to photograph?
(a) His wife with another man.
(b) The client.
(c) His daughter with a gang.
(d) His partner embezzling.

12. How does Leaphorn learn the killer's address?
(a) Through the Washington, D. C. police.
(b) By a pharmacist.
(c) From Henry Highhawk.
(d) Through a want ad circled in the paper on the victim.

13. Where does Captain Rodney meet Leaphorn?
(a) The downtown police station.
(b) A coffee shop.
(c) Highhawk's townhouse.
(d) Janet Pete's office.

14. Who does Leaphorn meet for breakfast in a hotel restaurant?
(a) Pete.
(b) Perry.
(c) Highhawk.
(d) Chee.

15. What are Chee, Leaphorn and Rodney checking in the museum?
(a) Retangular boxes.
(b) The video cameras.
(c) Barrels.
(d) Fish traps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Fleck kill three inmates?

2. What is the criteria upon which the Smithsonian will return a skeleton to a tribe?

3. What does Dr. Hartman show Chee?

4. To where is the client trailed?

5. Who does Leaphorn call to fill him in on what Leaphorn has learned in Washington, D. C?

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