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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocks Perry when she opens the package on her desk?
(a) There is just dirt in the box.
(b) Her grandparents' bones are in the box.
(c) The box is full of teeth.
(d) A rare Native American artifact that has been missing for many years is in the box.

2. Who accompanies Chee to make the arrest?
(a) No one.
(b) Joe Leaphorn.
(c) Cowboy Dashee.
(d) Captain Largo.

3. What does Kennedy find on the body of the death he is investigating?
(a) A great deal of blood stains on the clothing.
(b) A note.
(c) A strong smell of sage.
(d) A strong smell of juniper.

4. What does Kennedy tell Leaphorn at lunch?
(a) That the body has still not been identified.
(b) That Leaphorn is being pulled off the case.
(c) That the body has finally been identified.
(d) That Kennedy is being pulled off the case.

5. What is Angnes Tsosie told by a doctor?
(a) That there is nothing wrong with her that he can find.
(b) That she is well enough to go home, though she will be ill for another week or two.
(c) That she has completely recovered from her illness.
(d) That she is dying.

6. Who is Captain Largo?
(a) Leaphorn's boss.
(b) Chee's brother-in-law.
(c) Chee's boss.
(d) Highhawk's good friend.

7. Who is Catherine Morris Perry?
(a) A lawyer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
(b) A Colombian lawyer.
(c) A lawyer with the State Department.
(d) A Smithsonian lawyer.

8. Where does Leaphorn go after his trek out to the crime scene?
(a) His daughter's house.
(b) Gallup.
(c) Tucumcari.
(d) His grandfather's grave.

9. To whom does Leaphorn show the photos of the dead man?
(a) Agnes Tsosie.
(b) Henry Highhawk.
(c) Officer Chee.
(d) Catherine Perry.

10. What does Eldon Tamana plan to do?
(a) Run for tribal counsel.
(b) Take the tribal counsel to court.
(c) Move off the Reservation.
(d) Sabotage any sale of tribal land.

11. Why is Fleck's mother being kicked out of the nursing home?
(a) She has not been kicked out; she died.
(b) She needs more extensive care.
(c) She has no money.
(d) For being violent.

12. Who has been stalked by a mysterious person?
(a) Mary Langdon.
(b) Janet Pete.
(c) Catherine Perry.
(d) Jim Chee.

13. Who is Bernard St. Germain?
(a) Leaphorn's contact in the Navajo Reservation.
(b) Leaphorn's contact in the FBI.
(c) Leaphorn's contact with the railroad.
(d) Leaphorn's contact in the CIA.

14. What does Chee ponder after reading the letter he receives?
(a) Why Catherine Perry wants to meet with him.
(b) Why his girlfriend charges an expensive necklace on his card.
(c) What his uncle may have left him in his will.
(d) What do to on his vacation.

15. Why does Leaphorn decide to go to Washington, D. C.?
(a) To visit his brother-in-law.
(b) To visit his aunt.
(c) To search the dead man's luggage.
(d) To meet Catherine Perry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Eldon Tamana?

2. What does Leaphorn's contact in Amtrak tell him?

3. What may enable Highhawk to steal from the Smithsonian?

4. What sort of ceremony will Agnes' family hold?

5. What is Leaphorn asked to search?

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