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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of ceremony will Agnes' family hold?
(a) Waichini.
(b) Thanksgiving for her healing.
(c) Yeibichai.
(d) Healing ceremony to completely cure her.

2. Who is Jim Chee?
(a) An officer withthe Navajo Tribal Police.
(b) The dead body.
(c) Joe Leaphorn's nephew.
(d) Agnes Tsosie's grandson.

3. What does the caller want of Leaphorn?
(a) Help in getting the Smithsonian to cooperate about their Indian remains.
(b) Help investigating a death.
(c) A guide into the desert.
(d) Consulting on some Navajo traditoins.

4. Who is Hilario Madreid-Pena?
(a) An investigator sent from Mexico to help in Leaphorn's investigation.
(b) The dead man found in the desert.
(c) Leaphorn's contact in Washington, D. C.
(d) Chee's contact in Washington, D. C.

5. About what does Perry believe the Chilean embassy is calling?
(a) A jeweled mask.
(b) Some bones of ancient South American aboriginals.
(c) A jeweled scepter.
(d) The work that Highhawk is doing.

6. Who is Janet's firm's expert on the Southwest?
(a) They do not have an expert in that area.
(b) Henry Highhawk.
(c) John McDermott.
(d) Janet Pete.

7. What does Leaphorn do at dusk?
(a) Goes backk home.
(b) Stops to see Cowboy.
(c) Goes back to the crime scene.
(d) Goes to a bar.

8. What is on Perry's desk when she arrives at her office after returning to Washington, D. C.?
(a) A cd with no identification on it.
(b) An ancient Native American artifact.
(c) A large, brown package.
(d) A envelope full of photos.

9. Who is Catherine Morris Perry?
(a) A lawyer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
(b) A Smithsonian lawyer.
(c) A Colombian lawyer.
(d) A lawyer with the State Department.

10. Who has Janet seen repeatedly?
(a) A man in a dented Chevy.
(b) A man in a new Lexus.
(c) Her ex-boyfriend.
(d) A woman who looks to be part Native American.

11. Who wants to become a member of the Navajo tribe?
(a) Henry Highhawk.
(b) Officer Chee.
(c) Joe Leaphorn.
(d) Cowboy Dashee.

12. What does Eldon Tamana plan to do?
(a) Move off the Reservation.
(b) Take the tribal counsel to court.
(c) Run for tribal counsel.
(d) Sabotage any sale of tribal land.

13. What is high quality but worn?
(a) The Navajo jewelry Leaphorn finds.
(b) A modern Navajo blanket made on factory looms.
(c) An ancient Navajo woven blanket.
(d) The corpse's clothing.

14. What is Angnes Tsosie told by a doctor?
(a) That she is dying.
(b) That she is well enough to go home, though she will be ill for another week or two.
(c) That there is nothing wrong with her that he can find.
(d) That she has completely recovered from her illness.

15. Where did Madrid-Perez have a meeting scheduled?
(a) The Navajo tribal offices.
(b) The Smithsonian.
(c) The Harrington Hotel.
(d) The Nez Pez tribal offices.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what does Leroy Fleck reflect?

2. What may enable Highhawk to steal from the Smithsonian?

3. Who seems to be wearing a business suit at the airport?

4. What is Leaphorn mulling over in a more pleasurable vein?

5. Who picks Jim Chee up at the airport?

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