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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what hospital is Agnes Tsosie?
(a) A small, private Hospital.
(b) A public health hospital.
(c) None.
(d) The largest hospital in Tucson.

2. Where does Leaphorn go after his trek out to the crime scene?
(a) Tucumcari.
(b) Gallup.
(c) His grandfather's grave.
(d) His daughter's house.

3. How can an Amtrak train be stopped by a passenger in an emergency?
(a) By pulling a lever.
(b) It cannot be stopped.
(c) By using the intercom to call the engineer.
(d) By asking the conductor to do so.

4. How does Leaphorn figure the corpse got to its resting place with no tracks around it?
(a) The person was a passenger on an Amtrak train.
(b) He is not sure.
(c) Ther person was parachuted in.
(d) The person died of a heart attack and the wind blew the track away.

5. Who is Chee going to arrest?
(a) Joe Leaphorn.
(b) Henry Highhawk.
(c) Agnes Tsosie's son-in-law.
(d) Agnes Tsosie's grandson.

6. Who is Eldon Tamana?
(a) A Tano man.
(b) Jim Chee's good friend.
(c) A Navajo man.
(d) A Nez Pez man.

7. Who is Hilario Madreid-Pena?
(a) Leaphorn's contact in Washington, D. C.
(b) The dead man found in the desert.
(c) Chee's contact in Washington, D. C.
(d) An investigator sent from Mexico to help in Leaphorn's investigation.

8. What does Janet Pete tell Chee?
(a) That Highhawk and Gomez are planning a serious crime.
(b) That Chee's uncle left Chee his pipe.
(c) That the Nez Pez pow wow has been rescheduled.
(d) That Mary Langdon has been arrested.

9. What does Tamana want of the Smithsonian?
(a) To make a public apology for the many years of stealing Native American artifacts.
(b) To pay a tribe member to consult on the next Navajo exhibit.
(c) To return a fetish to his tribe.
(d) To erect a monument to the Native Americans in their front reception area.

10. What does one of McDermott's clients want to do?
(a) Build a technical university on Navajo Land for the young Native Americans.
(b) Create a hazardous waste dump on Tano Pueblo lands.
(c) Gain influence with the Navajo tribal counsel through Janet Pete.
(d) Build a bypass on Tano Pueblo land.

11. What function does Janet Pete serve at her firm?
(a) Researcher assistant.
(b) Officer manager.
(c) Legal aide.
(d) As a token Indian.

12. What is in the letter that Chee opens in chapter 7?
(a) A bill that is something his girlfriend bought.
(b) His girlfriend stating she is ending their relationship.
(c) A letter from the draft board.
(d) A letter from the attorney of an uncle who has died.

13. What does Kennedy find on the body of the death he is investigating?
(a) A strong smell of juniper.
(b) A note.
(c) A strong smell of sage.
(d) A great deal of blood stains on the clothing.

14. Who picks Jim Chee up at the airport?
(a) He takes the train.
(b) Agent Kennedy.
(c) Janet Pete.
(d) He takes a taxi.

15. Who accompanies Chee to make the arrest?
(a) Joe Leaphorn.
(b) No one.
(c) Captain Largo.
(d) Cowboy Dashee.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Smithsonian obtain the item which the Chilean general is trying to recover?

2. Why is Fleck's mother being kicked out of the nursing home?

3. Why was an Amtrak train stopped for 38 minutes on the night of the murder that Leaphorn is investigating?

4. What is Angnes Tsosie told by a doctor?

5. Where does Anges Tsosie's son-in-law place her bed?

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