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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Angnes Tsosie told by a doctor?
(a) That she is dying.
(b) That she is well enough to go home, though she will be ill for another week or two.
(c) That there is nothing wrong with her that he can find.
(d) That she has completely recovered from her illness.

2. What has Highhawk been attempting to do?
(a) Block a vote on reservation lands.
(b) Match up some DNA from some Native American bones.
(c) Get legislation passed.
(d) Have skeletal remains returned to their tribes.

3. What does Leaphorn's contact in Amtrak tell him?
(a) How to trace the dead man's luggage.
(b) That dead cows are frequently found on the tracks.
(c) That wild mustangs are frequently grazing near the tracks.
(d) That a passenger could not have forced an emergency stop without consulting an employee.

4. How did the Smithsonian obtain the item which the Chilean general is trying to recover?
(a) The general's grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.
(b) The general's great-great grandfather loaned it to a major corporation.
(c) No one is certain.
(d) A Spanish general in the late 1800s sold it to a major corporation.

5. What does Highhawk wear on his left leg?
(a) A metal brace.
(b) A knife holster.
(c) A ceremonial turquoise calf ring.
(d) A pistol holster.

6. Over what does Leaphorn puzzle?
(a) Why a man would die without his dentures in.
(b) Why his boss is forcing him to retire.
(c) Why Highhawk wants to joint the Navajos.
(d) Why Jim Chee has called him several times.

7. Upon what does Leroy Fleck reflect?
(a) His mother's dying wishe.
(b) His personal problems.
(c) His rise in prestige.
(d) His sister's abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.

8. Who has Janet seen repeatedly?
(a) A man in a dented Chevy.
(b) Her ex-boyfriend.
(c) A man in a new Lexus.
(d) A woman who looks to be part Native American.

9. What does Leaphorn do at dusk?
(a) Goes backk home.
(b) Stops to see Cowboy.
(c) Goes back to the crime scene.
(d) Goes to a bar.

10. Who does not want to live on the Navajo Reservation?
(a) Jim Chee.
(b) Agnes Tsosie.
(c) Mary Langdon.
(d) Henry Highhawk.

11. What does one of McDermott's clients want to do?
(a) Create a hazardous waste dump on Tano Pueblo lands.
(b) Build a technical university on Navajo Land for the young Native Americans.
(c) Gain influence with the Navajo tribal counsel through Janet Pete.
(d) Build a bypass on Tano Pueblo land.

12. From whom does Leaphorn receive a phone call?
(a) Dr. Booker.
(b) Agnes Tsose.
(c) Catherine Perry.
(d) Jay Kennedy.

13. What does the caller want of Leaphorn?
(a) Help in getting the Smithsonian to cooperate about their Indian remains.
(b) A guide into the desert.
(c) Help investigating a death.
(d) Consulting on some Navajo traditoins.

14. Who does Mrs. Bailey say has called Perry?
(a) Chilean embassy.
(b) Leaphorn.
(c) A Senator of New Mexico.
(d) Highhawk.

15. What does the doctor suggest to Anges Tsosie?
(a) To remain in the hospital.
(b) Nothing.
(c) To go tell her daughters the good news.
(d) To do something relaxing such as taking a cruise.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chee call a white man at the ceremony?

2. What does the doctor think Agnes Tsosie is going to need?

3. Where does Jim Chee decide to visit?

4. Why does Leaphorn go out into the snow?

5. Who is Janet Pete?

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