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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the doctor suggest to Anges Tsosie?
(a) To go tell her daughters the good news.
(b) Nothing.
(c) To do something relaxing such as taking a cruise.
(d) To remain in the hospital.

2. About what does Perry believe the Chilean embassy is calling?
(a) The work that Highhawk is doing.
(b) A jeweled scepter.
(c) A jeweled mask.
(d) Some bones of ancient South American aboriginals.

3. Whose name is on a piece of paper in Madrid-Perez's luggage?
(a) Highhawk.
(b) Janet Pete.
(c) McDermott.
(d) Chee.

4. What shocks Perry when she opens the package on her desk?
(a) Her grandparents' bones are in the box.
(b) There is just dirt in the box.
(c) A rare Native American artifact that has been missing for many years is in the box.
(d) The box is full of teeth.

5. Who seems to be wearing a business suit at the airport?
(a) All the middle-aged yuppies.
(b) Just the lawyers.
(c) No one.
(d) Every male over the age of puberty.

6. What does the note in the box reveal?
(a) That Perry is under a contract by the mafia.
(b) That more teeth will be forthcoming if she does not rescind a decision of the Board.
(c) What the significance of the box's contents is.
(d) It is unclear as it is a picture of a Cochise doll.

7. What function does Janet Pete serve at her firm?
(a) Researcher assistant.
(b) Officer manager.
(c) Legal aide.
(d) As a token Indian.

8. How can an Amtrak train be stopped by a passenger in an emergency?
(a) By asking the conductor to do so.
(b) By using the intercom to call the engineer.
(c) It cannot be stopped.
(d) By pulling a lever.

9. Why was an Amtrak train stopped for 38 minutes on the night of the murder that Leaphorn is investigating?
(a) It was not stopped.
(b) Mechanical failure.
(c) A dead horse on the tracks.
(d) A dead cow on the tracks.

10. What is odd about the dead body with which Leaphorn is concerned?
(a) That the teeth were pulled out very violently.
(b) That it is laid out so neatly.
(c) That it is not decaying.
(d) That it shows no signs of fear.

11. Who does Mrs. Bailey say has called Perry?
(a) A Senator of New Mexico.
(b) Chilean embassy.
(c) Highhawk.
(d) Leaphorn.

12. Where did Madrid-Perez have a meeting scheduled?
(a) The Nez Pez tribal offices.
(b) The Navajo tribal offices.
(c) The Smithsonian.
(d) The Harrington Hotel.

13. What is Angnes Tsosie told by a doctor?
(a) That she is dying.
(b) That she has completely recovered from her illness.
(c) That she is well enough to go home, though she will be ill for another week or two.
(d) That there is nothing wrong with her that he can find.

14. Upon what does Leroy Fleck reflect?
(a) His sister's abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.
(b) His rise in prestige.
(c) His mother's dying wishe.
(d) His personal problems.

15. How is Janet Pete dressed?
(a) Jeans and tee shirt.
(b) Pseudo native American garb.
(c) A gray silk suit.
(d) In a sun dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Janet's firm's expert on the Southwest?

2. Who has Janet seen repeatedly?

3. What is Dalman, MacArthur, White and Herzog?

4. What does Highhawk wear on his left leg?

5. Who picks Jim Chee up at the airport?

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