Talking God Character Descriptions

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LIeutenant Joe Leaphorn - This character is middle-aged and his beloved wife has recently died

Officer Jim Chee - This character is a young Navajo Tribal Police Officer who is also training to become a shaman, or medicine man.

Henry Highhawk - A conservator at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, this character is a white man who wants to be Navajo.

Leroy Fleck - A small-time criminal pretending to be an undercover cop, this character is the primary villain and a study in contrasts.

Catherine Morris Perry - This character is the stylish, upper-class lawyer for the Smithsonian.

Markie Bailey - This character is a receptionist-secretary at the Smithsonian.

Miguel Santerno - This character is hired by officials at the Chilean Embassy to kill Henry Highhawk.

Janet Pete - A beautiful, young Navajo attorney.

Mary Langdon - Jim Chee's Caucasian girlfriend who is a teacher who...

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