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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Doctor Manette go to see after delivering his news to Lucie?
(a) Miss Pross
(b) The Vengeance
(c) Mr. Lorry
(d) Monsieur Defarge

2. What is Defarge's response when Charles Darnay asks him to contact Mr. Lorry at Tellson's Bank?
(a) Defarge says that he will do nothing for Charles.
(b) Defarge says that he will deliver the message himself.
(c) Defarge says that he will be glad to send Lorry a message.
(d) Defarge says nothing.

3. What becomes a symbol of the regeneration of the human race, superseding the Cross?
(a) La Guillotine
(b) A golden idol of the new king
(c) A silver sword
(d) Satan

4. What does Carton instruct Charles to do when he goes to his prison cell?
(a) Change shoes and clothes with him.
(b) Beg the prison guard for mercy.
(c) Ask the Defarge's to take back their testimony.
(d) Pray for him while waiting for execution.

5. What is the news Doctor Manette brings to Lucie about her husband?
(a) Her husband was murdered during the night.
(b) Her husband is deathly ill.
(c) Her husband goes before the Tribunal the next day.
(d) Her husband escaped that morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Lucie and Charles not hire a housekeeper?

2. Where does Sydney Carton stop on the morning after Charles' trial?

3. What words continue to repeat in Carton's mind as he wanders the streets throughout the night?

4. What startles Lucie as she sits in her home listening to her father tell Little Lucie a story?

5. What is the position of Solomon that Sydney Carton is most interested in?

Short Essay Questions

1. An escort is forced upon Charles when he enters France. Where does this escort bring him?

2. Describe the reaction of Miss Pross when she sees her brother in the marketplace.

3. What is the verdict for Charles in this second trial?

4. Describe how the patriots of France look upon Charles Darnay.

5. Summarize the description Carton gives of Mr. Lorry and how people will feel about him when he is gone.

6. Describe who makes up the Tribunal of Charles' trial.

7. Explain why Mr. Lorry is shocked at the sight of Jerry Cruncher.

8. Describe the evidence that the Tribunal has against Charles?

9. How does Carton manage to convince Solomon to help him see Charles in prison?

10. Describe the reaction of the crowd in the courtyard have toward Doctor Manette when he reveals who he is.

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