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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the news Doctor Manette brings to Lucie about her husband?
(a) Her husband was murdered during the night.
(b) Her husband escaped that morning.
(c) Her husband is deathly ill.
(d) Her husband goes before the Tribunal the next day.

2. What is the physical appearance of the men and women sharpening weapons in the courtyard?
(a) They are covered in blood.
(b) They are dressed in party wear.
(c) They are dressed in uniforms.
(d) They wear clean clothes and white wigs.

3. What bothers Lorry about the Defarges?
(a) They seem too happy.
(b) Their ignorance
(c) Their dreadful manner
(d) Their lust for blood

4. What is Sydney's intention now that Charles is out of the prison?
(a) He will be executed in Charles' place.
(b) He will wait for Charles to reach safety, then escape.
(c) He will declare his true identity at La Guillotine.
(d) He will escape through the trap door.

5. What reaction does Lucie have when she sees men and women dancing the Carmagnole?
(a) Lucie sees the dance a good omen.
(b) Lucie sees the dance as something once innocent, turned cruel and ugly.
(c) Lucie sees the dance as frivolous and a waste of time.
(d) Lucie sees the dance as way for the people to forget their suffering.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does a woman waiting to be executed ask to do when she sees Carton's face?

2. What is the arrangement Carton makes with Solomon with regard to Darnay?

3. How many people are condemned to die on the same day as Charles?

4. What is the matter in which Madame Defarge cannot trust her husband?

5. What does Mr. Lorry tell Lucie before he leaves her lodging?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the three letters Charles writes from prison before his scheduled execution, and who does he forget?

2. Explain why Sydney Carton decides to walk around the city, making his presence known.

3. Describe the reaction of the crowd in the courtyard have toward Doctor Manette when he reveals who he is.

4. Describe Mr. Lorry's first business consideration with regard to Tellson's Bank.

5. Summarize the description Carton gives of Mr. Lorry and how people will feel about him when he is gone.

6. How does Carton manage to convince Solomon to help him see Charles in prison?

7. What is the verdict for Charles in this second trial?

8. What is Doctor Manette's reaction to Charles' acquittal?

9. Describe why Madame Defarge goes to visit Lucie.

10. Describe what Carton does when he visits Charles in prison.

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