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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the universal fear and distrust of the times affect daily life of the citizens?
(a) People do not go out of their houses.
(b) The usual harmless ways of life have changed.
(c) Many citizens are leaving France.
(d) Citizens are unable to purchase food.

2. What does Barsard tell a man who is ridiculing Evremonde as he rides in the death cart?
(a) He deserves to die.
(b) Death to the aristocrat
(c) He will die in pain.
(d) Give him some peace.

3. Why does Charles Darnay feel completely lost when he returns to Paris?
(a) Everything about France is suddenly completely changed and unfair.
(b) Charles doesn't know any of the people living in Paris now.
(c) . Charles has forgotten a lot of the French language.
(d) The streets have all been reworked and changed.

4. How does Doctor Manette manage to visit Charles in prison?
(a) Manette sneaks past the guards after dark.
(b) Manette bribes the guards.
(c) Manette is allowed to visit because of his past imprisonment.
(d) Manette becomes the prison's physician.

5. Where does Defarge take Charles Darnay when he arrives at the gates of Paris?
(a) Prison of La Force
(b) The Bastille
(c) A safe house
(d) His wine shop

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Charles forget about as he writes letters to family and friends?

2. Why do Lucie and Charles not hire a housekeeper?

3. Who does Mr. Lorry leave with Lucie, her child, and Miss Pross at their new lodgings?

4. What is Mr. Lorry's reaction when Jerry admits that he was once a gravedigger?

5. What bothers Lorry about the Defarges?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the reaction of the crowd in the courtyard have toward Doctor Manette when he reveals who he is.

2. How does Lucie make herself known to Charles each day?

3. Summarize the thoughts of the people on the night after Carton's execution.

4. Summarize the contents of the note Charles sends to Lucie.

5. Summarize the reaction of the crowd at the innocent verdict for Charles.

6. What is the verdict for Charles in this second trial?

7. Summarize the description Carton gives of Mr. Lorry and how people will feel about him when he is gone.

8. Describe what Carton does when he visits Charles in prison.

9. What are the three letters Charles writes from prison before his scheduled execution, and who does he forget?

10. Describe the reaction of Miss Pross when she sees her brother in the marketplace.

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