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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many people does Miss Pross tell Mr. Lorry come calling for Miss Lucie?
(a) None
(b) Ten
(c) Three
(d) Hundreds

2. Who does Charles Darnay find attractive?
(a) Miss Pross
(b) Mrs. Defarge
(c) Lucie Manette
(d) Miss Lorry

3. Chapter 10 What does Charles Darnay choose as a career?
(a) A wine master
(b) A foreign diplomat
(c) A soldier for the King
(d) A tutor of French literature and language

4. What is the common view of Jerry's secret trade?
(a) It is something to be proud of.
(b) It is disreputable.
(c) It is a good way to get ahead.
(d) It is something of value.

5. What becomes of the Marquis' chateau?
(a) It deteriorates through the years.
(b) It burns to the ground.
(c) It is reconstructed by the common people.
(d) It becomes a convent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Doctor Manette proceed to do after his daughter's wedding?

2. What does it mean when Defarge and his followers register the inhabitants of the Marquis' chateau?

3. What does Defarge tell the grieving man who cries over the child that is killed by Monsieur the Marquis' carriage?

4. Who owns a prosperous wine shop in Paris?

5. What is the commotion at the Marquis' home after dinner with Charles?

Short Essay Questions

1. Chapter 16 What does Monsieur Defarge say to his wife in a pleading voice about Lucie Manette's husband?

2. Chapter 10 What is Charles Darnay's purpose in visiting Doctor Manette?

3. Chapter 23 Summarize what becomes of the Chateau Evremonde where Gabelle still resides.

4. Chapter 5 Describe the condition of the common people in France.

5. Chapter 6 Analyze how the title of the chapter relates to Carton's musings.

6. Chapter 21 What is the golden thread that Dickens uses in the first paragraph of this chapter?

7. Chapter 6 Summarize the physical and emotional state of Doctor Manette.

8. Chapter 17 How does Doctor Manette feel about Lucie's marriage?

9. Chapter 19 What does Mr. Lorry decide will be beneficial to Doctor Manette's mental condition?

10. Chapter 7 Describe the cold heartedness of Marquis Evremonde in this chapter.

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