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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 3 What does Jerry ponder that every house, room, and heart in a city holds?
(a) Smiling children
(b) Sad families
(c) Its own secret
(d) Happy families

2. What is Mr. Lorry's reaction to Stryver's upcoming plans?
(a) He approves of the plans.
(b) He laughs in Stryver's face.
(c) He advises against the plans.
(d) He is not interested in the plans.

3. What is the physical and emotional condition of Doctor Manette?
(a) He is thin but lucid.
(b) He is strong and proud.
(c) He is a broken and empty man.
(d) He is weak but happy.

4. What is the news that Lorry gives to his visitor?
(a) Her father had an accident.
(b) Her father is alive.
(c) Her father is coming for a visit.
(d) Her father is dead.

5. Who is the prisoner's counsel?
(a) Mr. Lorry
(b) Mr. Barsard
(c) Mr. Stryver
(d) Mr. Carton

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the letter that Gabelle sends to Charles Darnay?

2. What does the newlywed's visitor ask of Charles?

3. What are Mr. Carton's feelings toward Charles Darnay?

4. What does Charles decide to do about his future inheritance?

5. What does it mean when Defarge and his followers register the inhabitants of the Marquis' chateau?

Short Essay Questions

1. Chapter 20 Explain the request Sydney Carton makes of Charles Darnay while at the home of Doctor Manette.

2. Chapter 23 Summarize what becomes of the Chateau Evremonde where Gabelle still resides.

3. Chapter 8 Summarize the comment Defarge makes to the grieving father who holds his dead child in his hands.

4. Chapter 19 What does Mr. Lorry decide will be beneficial to Doctor Manette's mental condition?

5. Chapter 5 Describe the metaphorical relationship between Mr. Stryver and Sydney Carton.

6. Chapter 6 Analyze how the title of the chapter relates to Carton's musings.

7. Chapter 21 What is the golden thread that Dickens uses in the first paragraph of this chapter?

8. Chapter 1 Describe what families living in England in 1775 do if they travel away from their homes?

9. Chapter 3 Describe what Jerry is thinking as he looks upon the city during the night.

10. Chapter 15 Explain the meaning of registering the chateau and all its descendants.

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