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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lucie's reaction when she is finally pulled away from Charles?
(a) She pulls her hair hysterically.
(b) She scratches at her eyes.
(c) She screams.
(d) She faints.

2. What is in the note Defarge brings to Mr. Lorry from Doctor Manette?
(a) The doctor says that Charles has escaped.
(b) The doctor says that Charles is safe.
(c) The doctor says that he has been captured.
(d) The doctor says that Charles is ill.

3. Who is Mr. Lorry amazed to see come through the door of Tellson's Bank in Paris?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Defarge
(b) Miss Pross
(c) Lucie and her father
(d) Charles Darnay

4. What has the wood-sawyer named his saw?
(a) My Dear Livelihood
(b) My Little Shaver
(c) My Little Guillotine
(d) My Sharp Razor

5. What is Mr. Lorry's plan for the safe departure of Lucie, her daughter, her father, her husband, Miss Pross, and Jerry Cruncher?
(a) His plan is for all of them to cram into one carriage.
(b) His plan is for them to take a boat down the river.
(c) His plan is for all of them to hike through the mountains.
(d) His plan is for Miss Pross and Jerry to leave in a separate carriage after the rest of them.

6. What is Darnay's first impression of the imprisoned men and women?
(a) They appear helpful to each other.
(b) He sees them as ghosts.
(c) They appear cheerful and well fed.
(d) He sees hope in their eyes.

7. Who is sitting in the front row during Darnay's trial?
(a) Doctor Manette and Lucie
(b) Lucie and Miss Pross
(c) Monsieur Defarge and Madame Defarge
(d) Doctor Manette and Mr. Lorry

8. How does Doctor Manette manage to visit Charles in prison?
(a) Manette bribes the guards.
(b) Manette is allowed to visit because of his past imprisonment.
(c) Manette sneaks past the guards after dark.
(d) Manette becomes the prison's physician.

9. What bothers Lorry about the Defarges?
(a) Their lust for blood
(b) Their dreadful manner
(c) They seem too happy.
(d) Their ignorance

10. What is the message that the visitors relate to Mr. Lorry?
(a) Charles Darnay is being held as a prisoner in Paris.
(b) Mr. Carton is missing.
(c) Doctor Manette has been captured by the patriots.
(d) Monsieur Defarge was killed during a raid.

11. What is Carton doing as he rides in the death cart?
(a) Holding the hand of a young girl
(b) Calling to Lucie
(c) Crying
(d) Praying

12. What reaction does Lucie have when she sees men and women dancing the Carmagnole?
(a) Lucie sees the dance as way for the people to forget their suffering.
(b) Lucie sees the dance as frivolous and a waste of time.
(c) Lucie sees the dance a good omen.
(d) Lucie sees the dance as something once innocent, turned cruel and ugly.

13. Why does Charles Darnay feel completely lost when he returns to Paris?
(a) Everything about France is suddenly completely changed and unfair.
(b) Charles doesn't know any of the people living in Paris now.
(c) . Charles has forgotten a lot of the French language.
(d) The streets have all been reworked and changed.

14. What is the plan Doctor Manette tells to Lucie so that Charles can see her from a prison window?
(a) She comes to the prison after dark so he can see her.
(b) She stands outside the prison dressed in leper's robes.
(c) She stands outside at three in the afternoon and he will be able to see her.
(d) She comes to the prison disguised as a fruit vendor.

15. What does Madame Defarge find when she reaches her destination?
(a) The place is crowded with Republicans.
(b) The floors are covered in blood.
(c) The place is in disarray, as if someone left hastily.
(d) There are two dead bodies on the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Doctor Manette's condition when he returns home from trying to find leniency for Charles?

2. Who cries out Solomon's English identity when he sees Jerry and Miss Pross talking to him?

3. How many defenseless men and women held prisoner were killed during the four days Doctor Manette is away to help Charles?

4. What is Sydney's intention now that Charles is out of the prison?

5. What is the outcome of the struggle between Madame Defarge and Miss Pross?

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