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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the wood-sawyer named his saw?
(a) My Little Shaver
(b) My Little Guillotine
(c) My Sharp Razor
(d) My Dear Livelihood

2. What is the new mode of address decreed by the patriots?
(a) Good day, citizen.
(b) Sing of a new republic.
(c) Long live liberty.
(d) Good day to equality.

3. What advice does Carton give to Mr. Lorry about Charles' fate?
(a) Grieve now and never again
(b) Don't grieve
(c) Help Lucie to accept the circumstances
(d) Help Lucie to grieve

4. What does Darnay tell Doctor Manette about the evidence brought against him in court?
(a) He tells Manette that the conviction is his entire fault.
(b) He tells Manette that he was a fool to write the letter.
(c) He tells Manette not to feel guilty about it.
(d) He tells Manette that Lucie will never forgive him.

5. What does Carton use as a means to convince Solomon to cooperate with him in helping Charles Darnay?
(a) The threat of La Guillotine
(b) Returning him to England
(c) A hand of cards
(d) Getting Solomon drunk

6. What does the audience yell out as Darnay's name is called?
(a) Set him free.
(b) Let him rot in prison.
(c) Take off his head.
(d) Show mercy.

7. How does Carton comfort the seamstress who is executed before him?
(a) He tells her there is no trouble or worry in the next world.
(b) He tells her that her family will pray for her soul.
(c) He tells her that she is too good for this world.
(d) He tells her that she is brave.

8. Why is Doctor Manette sure that there will be no more shoemaking or North Tower for him ever again?
(a) He moves away from Paris.
(b) He finds a new career.
(c) He keeps his promise to Lucie.
(d) The North Tower and his shoemaking tools are destroyed.

9. Who does Solomon blame for his secret identity being exposed?
(a) His sister, Miss Pross
(b) Doctor Manette
(c) The Vengeance
(d) Lucie

10. What is the arrangement Carton makes with Solomon with regard to Darnay?
(a) Solomon will unlock Darnay's cell.
(b) Solomon will arrange to release Darnay.
(c) Carton can gain access to Darnay.
(d) Carton will smuggle a weapon to Darnay.

11. How long has Charles been in prison at this point?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Six months
(c) One year and three months
(d) Two years

12. What does Mr. Lorry tell Lucie before he leaves her lodging?
(a) He tells her all is lost.
(b) He tells her that she will have to find a new hiding place.
(c) He tells her to go back to England immediately.
(d) He tells her to have courage.

13. What is the main source of evidence presented against Charles Darnay?
(a) An eyewitness
(b) A traitorous letter written by Charles
(c) An incriminating weapon with Charles' initials imprinted on it
(d) A letter written in the prison of the Bastille

14. What is Sydney's intention now that Charles is out of the prison?
(a) He will be executed in Charles' place.
(b) He will escape through the trap door.
(c) He will wait for Charles to reach safety, then escape.
(d) He will declare his true identity at La Guillotine.

15. What is Darnay's first impression of the imprisoned men and women?
(a) He sees hope in their eyes.
(b) They appear cheerful and well fed.
(c) They appear helpful to each other.
(d) He sees them as ghosts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the plan Doctor Manette tells to Lucie so that Charles can see her from a prison window?

2. What is the first thing Charles does when he is put in his cell?

3. Who decides which prisoners will be released or murdered at the prison?

4. What is Defarge's response when Charles Darnay asks him to contact Mr. Lorry at Tellson's Bank?

5. Who is sitting in the front row during Darnay's trial?

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